Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ridiculously Cheesy

Hey ya'll! I rarely get to blog in the evenings but I have a few minutes while dinner is finishing! It's been a nice few days here......

Yesterday I got home from work and started right on my new recipe! I made pork chops braised in a white wine sauce. (FROM SCRATCH!) It was soooo good and I am getting more and more comfortable trying new things. Grant liked it too.

We don't have a television in our bedroom. I didn't think it was a good idea, I am SUCH a tv watcher that if I'm not careful I can get way too into it and I just thought it was a better idea for us to keep it in the living room! So last night it was rainy and chilly and we decided to have a little party! :) We folded out the fold out couch and watched all our shows in a more relaxed atmosphere. It was wonderful.

Now girls, you KNOW I watched The Bachelor. Let me just say, I am well aware that it is ridiculous and cheesy. Perhaps I'll even say it is ridiculously cheesy. It is a train wreck. I have already formed opinions though. :) We'll see how they turn out. If you watched it last night, be sure to read "The Bachelor Recaps" blog I have linked on the left. You'll love it :)

Today was a crazy, crazy hectic day at work. The other paralegal, Amanda, is vacationing with her girlfriends in Jamaica, so I am doing work for two. I am ready for her to come back, but I am sure she's having a wonderful time!

Now I am home, waiting for the cornbread to finish so we can have dinner. (I made red beans and rice tonight ya'll, with sausage! Grant is a happy camper). Right now our friend JP is over playing a new video game with Grant. Lord help me :)

Love ya'll!


  1. A NEW video game. Jennifer, it has to be Halo 3!

  2. I am just so proud of my domestic friend :)

    Love you!

  3. you are so domestic! ok, seriously- post the pork chop recipe. I want it :)

  4. I am HOOKED to the Bachelor.

    I am glad the recipe was good. Maybe you should share it with your boss so he doesn't think your an alcoholic. :)

    Love you.

  5. Are you kidding me?? You got me hooked on The Bachelor last season! You cannot do it to me again!!