Monday, November 12, 2007

All Kinds of Things

I really don't think they should call it "night fishing". I think it should just be "fishing". I was under the impression that night fishing would mean that they left around, I don't know, 7:00pm and returned around 8:00am. That would mean that they were doing the majority of their fishing when it was dark outside. But that is not really what happened. They began fishing at 5:00pm and stopped fishing the next day at about 5:00pm. It was 24 hours of fishing. And Grant got home around 8:30. I think they should call it a "Fishing Trip Where We Spend The Night". That should be the name. I don't really mind it, just don't give it the name Night Fishing! :)

Grant had a wonderful time. I will post some pictures of his big fish later. I didn't know that there were fish this giant. And I didn't know it was okay to have that much blood on you clothes! Eewwww!!

I had a wonderful "Jen" weekend. Friday night after we went on a long walk around the pond, Moxie and I cuddled up on the couch with my blanket and we watched movies on the Hallmark Movie Channel. They are absurdly cheesy and horribly produced, but entertaining nonetheless! Saturday morning I took the 30 second drive to the outlet mall to start my Christmas shopping! I am happy to report that I bought 4 gifts. Woooo hoooooO! I am also very happy to report that ANN TAYLOR FACTORY STORE is OPEN!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful. And SO much cheaper! However, I was a good girl and I only bought something for those on my Christmas list. Nothing for Jen this time. Take a deep breath!

After shopping, I met Katie for some YUMMY Mexican food at Las Palmas. After our bill came, we still sat there for another hour just jabbering away. I am sure our waiter wanted us to leave! I so enjoy our little dates together!

When Grant got home Saturday night, he was sick sick sick. After being hot and then sleeping in the cold, wet boat, and then waking up and getting hot again, my honey has a cold :( He has been feeling awful! However, we have had tickets to see Brian Regan (my favorite comedian) for a few months now, and he was a trooper and went with me despite how cruddy he felt! So sweet!

On a more serious note, my dear Sally and her men has flown away to North Africa. Sally, her husband Jon, and her precious Jude have sacrificed and moved to the mission field. They will be there for atleast 2 years. It is so weird to me to think that I won't see her for 2 years. I have known Sally for as long as I have known Lindsee and for us to go more than 2 months without seeing each other is weird. Please keep her family in your prayers. Pray for their protection in North Africa. More importantly, pray that they would win souls for Christ! How amazing that the Estes family is actively spreading the Word of Jesus and have sacrificed their American life to do so! I have the highest respect for them. I love you, sweet Sally. (Also, go see all the fun pictures of us girls on Lindsee's page) I am thankful for servants like the Estes'!

Have a great day everyone. Remember, tonight is The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Hillary will be trying to defend herself. This cannot be missed.

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  1. haha! I am so excited about it being Bachelor night, but I will be even MORE excited for NEXT Monday's Bachelor's night! Woop woop! I'm going to miss you this weekend :(