Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My McDreamy Came True!

Thank you so much to everyone who said such sweet things about Grant! When he got home from the accident that night, we had dinner and he went to bed at 6:00pm, and he didn't wake up until 6:00 the next morning! I am glad he got some much needed rest. He is still not 100% healthy, but he is much better than he was earlier this week!

Tomorrow I fly to Texas. This makes my heart oh-so-very-happy. This weekend I am a bridesmaid in Laura's wedding. I have known Laura since.... I can't even tell you. Younger than elementary school, that is for sure! The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are tomorrow, Thursday, so I am flying out tomorrow. Grant is driving in Friday evening after work so he can be at the wedding with me on Saturday. I am SO excited and hope to post many pictures!

Oh, and remember my whole rant the other day about the writer's strike? Well I had said that maybe they should make Grey's Anatomy barbie dolls and I could make my own show. Well, my sister Jaclyn has informed me that a Patrick Dempsey doll now exists as the movie Enchanted makes its way into theaters. For real:

Now if only they had a Meredith doll. I would force Meredith to marry McDreamy. Also, ladies, I am interested in who you think the Bachelor is going to pick? I am predicting that he chooses DeAnna but he does not propose. That is what I am betting on :) What do you think?

I'll be back Monday with pictures! Love you ladies!


  1. Thats hilarious!! I just with the two of those people would hurry up and get together and love each other and make those of us who get to watch it once a month happy!!!!

    And, I know which girl I think the Bachelor will pick...but I don't know her name....imagine that....she's dark headed....but, they both are!! :)

    I'm full of wisdom today!
    Have a great weekend Jen!

  2. Oh, The Bachelor. I CANNOT wait.

    I can't believe you're in Houston and I'm not. Am I ever gonna see you?!?!

    Love you!!