Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Play with me Dad!

Here is a little video of our little Moxie... he was trying to get daddy to play with him, but daddy was just filming :) He is not always this hyper, but he is always this cute!


  1. 1. I want to cuddle with you too :)
    2. I love the video!!
    3. My most favorite thing about the video was hearing you sing in the background...ahh i miss you!!
    4. I love you with my whole heart
    5. You will always be my bestie!!
    6. Its time for beddy bye
    7.John is watching the STUPID hunting channel
    8. Ok i love you!!
    Have a great Wednesday!! I am a "PE/Bible teacher" today!! Lord have mercy!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jen! Love your heart for Him and your beautiful faith in your good God!