Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Wow. Just, wow. If you haven't watched the finale of The Bachelor yet, and you don't want me to spoil the ending, read no further. Otherwise, listen to my rant. Thank you :)

I am appalled. Hot Brad just became not so hot. Let me make myself clear about something: I am not upset that he did not propose. Clearly, if he did not fall in love with anyone, he should not be asking anyone to marry him. However, throughout the season, he has been very verbal and vocal about his feelings for these women. He used the word "wife" when referring to Deanna about 48,000 times. So what I am not understanding is, why did he just send her home altogether? Why not just say "I want to keep seeing you"? He has that option. Past bachelors have given the girls a ring on a necklace, or a one-way plane ticket. He just said goodbye.

But what irks me even more is how much he lead those girls on. He said all the right things and kissed them and talked about marriage and families and babies and then..... nothing. Those poor girls. Both of them, I felt sooo bad for them. And he kept trying to comfort and hug them and I was looking at the tv yelling "GET OFF OF HER!".

The thing is, we've all been there. We've all gotten dumped, even when you thought it was a sure thing. Or maybe it was a promotion that we just knew was ours, only to see it given to someone else at the last moment. Perhaps you wanted to buy that perfect house, only to find out that someone else made a better offer. Our lives are full of dissapointments.

And here is what I have come to realize: As much as I love my husband with my whole heart, and I know he loves me with his, he is a human being. As am I. We are human beings, and by our very definition, we are flawed. We are not perfect and we will hurt one another. In our lives together, most likely my husband at one time or another will say the wrong thing, or fall through on something. He will dissapoint me at some point in some capacity. And that's okay, because I know that I will do the same.

What I am getting at is that Jesus has never, never, ever dissapointed me. Ever. Even when I had one of those horrible heart-wrenching moments that I just knew that God didn't know what He was doing, He did. He knew exactly what He was doing. He wants nothing less than His best for me. He loves me, He has never let me down. I am so thankful that we have that one sure thing, that one promise that can never ever be broken.

He is right. He is always right.


  1. Yep. Complete disappointment. I bet ABC wasn't too happy with him either....there goes the show I bet. I'm a little angry still! :)

    But, you are right. Life disappoints us every single day.
    But our God is ALWAYS faithful.

    I'll get over this Bachelor thing.
    I'm aggravated I wasted time watching nothing.
    Have a great Thanksgiving Jen!

  2. i wonder how that happened...he dumped both of them??? i didn't see it but read your post...what kind of show ends that way? was it live? wonder if they knew he was gonna do that?

    that's so neat you got to put up your tree...enjoy every minute of your Christmas season! and the dog was a hoot in lights...