Friday, November 9, 2007

Night Fishing

So this afternoon, Grant, his brother, and his dad are taking off work a little early. They have to get the boat ready. Because they have to go night fishing. They have to.

The way I understand it, the fish bite better at night, or something like that, so they are going to get in their boat, and then they are going to drive 25 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, park it, and fish. All night. They are bringing bean bag chairs in case someone wants to take a nap.

Does this sound like fun to anyone else? I don't know about you ladies, but I would not be pleasant company on a trip like that! This morning, he was packing his bag, and I soon found out that "packing his bag" meant throwing some long sleeved shirts and a beanie into a plastic grocery sack. I am so proud! :) He should get back tomorrow around lunch time. I intend on Christmas shopping. Or maybe Jen shopping, I haven't made up my mind yet! :)

So has everyone heard about the Writer's Strike? For those of you who haven't, basically what is happening is that the writer's of Hollywood have gone on strike. Their reasons are that when a television show is aired on the internet, or re-runs, or anything like that, the writers don't get a cut. They have been trying to negotiate this for months, to no avail. They have gone on strike. So what that means: no new shows. Leno, Letterman, all the late night shows have already gone into re-runs without their writers. The Office has only one completed episode left, and so they have stopped filming. No writers means no new scripts, so production has to stop. We are about to be seeing ALOT of made for tv movies! Apparently this same thing happened back in 1988 and lasted for 22 weeks!!!!

So ladies, for those of you that are as pathetic as me when it comes to "your shows", what are we going to do with our time? Learn to sew? Read more? Go jogging? Perhaps they will sell some Grey's Anatomy barbie dolls and I can create my own show, with my own story line. Meredith will stop whining and marry McDreamy. That is episode one.


  1. I don't know, but as a "Lost" fan I was very upset to hear that we might not get new episodes until 2009! It was hard enough having to wait until they are making us wait even longer?

    Pay the darn writers so we can have our shows back! :)

  2. Well, I'm not sure either about the night fishing thing, but there are alot of things guys do that i'm not sure about.....I bet he is as happy as he can be. And that's good. And, that makes for some fun times for you too! :) Happy shopping!

    And, I don't get to watch too much tv so I won't see how horrible it is to watch reruns. It is crazy that the writers don't get a piece of the pie in rerun world. But, the Bachelor is still going on right? Thats high quality viewing and we need to know who he ends up picking. Important things.

    Have a great time this weekend.
    Blessings and enjoy~

  3. LOL!!! HaHa! The baribie doll show is are so funny. And I also love the "packing the bag". so funny. Remember when Mark Harrison packed to come to the lakehouse one time and he brought some clothes in a fedex box? !!

  4. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without The Office. I mean, my man and I get SO excited about it, like giddy little children. NOOOO!

  5. Oh the writer's strike I am so over it!
    Maybe I am being unsympathetic b/c they already make a TON of money and they want more but whatever. I love your idea of the Grey's anatomy Barbie show - please have Meredith go ahead and marry McDreamy I mean really a guy that good looking really likes the whiny Dr Grey and she keeps pushing him away - what is that?!!
    Ok I'm done venting- hehe
    Have a great night!
    Love ya,