Monday, November 5, 2007

The Longest Day

So Sunday was daylight savings day. Spring forward, Fall back. We got one extra hour of sleep, ladies! Praise the Lord! However, did anyone else feel like that one small little hour added on about 7 hours to your day? Grant and I felt like yesterday was forever long! We got SO MUCH done!

We woke up in the morning, and Grant made pancakes. Katie's husband Mo was out of town so she spent the night with us (it was our first slumber party ya'll!) and Grant made us pancakes! Then we headed up to church and into Sunday school. After Sunday school we went to lunch, and then after lunch Grant and I headed to the store.

When we got home, the following things were accomplished (in random order): Nap, exercise, Bible study, dishes, wash clothes, favorite show, grocery list, cleaned bathroom, dry clothes, play with the dog, iron clothes, Grant went to the gym, put clothes away. AND all that was done by 9:00. We didn't know what to do with ourselves! And when we did go to bed, I didn't feel tired. We need that many hours in EVERY day! We had a wonderful wonderful weekend.

One highlight of this weekend was Friday night. Let me give a little background info: There is a rather large sized outlet mall about 30 seconds from my house. Literally. I can see it from my window. It is not my favorite outlet mall as far as stores go, but there are several useful places that are convenient to have close to home. There is a Gap, and an Old Navy and a Nine West, so sometimes I do run over there for a few things. Well, over the past 6 weeks or so, this outlet mall has been getting a MAJOR makeover. They are repainting and pretty much doing cosmetic surgery on the outside, as well as building an entire new strip of stores, yet to be named. Until Friday night.

As this new section of the outlet mall has been built, I have been speculating as to what mediocre stores would be there. Maybe it will be Jansport or Maidenform (oh, wait, those are already there). I wasn't expecting anything good. Imagine my surprise then, when Friday night as I drove by the new strip, I see it: the beautiful, glowing sign: ANN TAYLOR FACTORY STORE. The angels sang. A light shone down around the building. Jesus loves me. This I know.


  1. haha! Don't forget Bath and Body works outlet store! Holla! Hope you're having a great day and don't forget it's Bachelor night!!

  2. how fun that katie spent the night :) and you are just so very domestic!!! I love you and I also want to say that i am happy it is bachelor night!

  3. That was funny. Jesus loves me this I know!! :) I'm still grinning.

    You are gonna have a ball doing all that shopping in there. I'm jealous to say the least. Maybe its a good thing.

    Have a great night. I'll be back around soon. Did you get a new look to your blog or am I completely out of it?? Regardless, I love it. Sometimes it takes me a minute or two or 400 to catch on.


  4. I too am VERY excited about it being Bachelor night. Oh my.

    And, Jesus does love you...and so do I!


  5. LOL! He loves me...this I know!

    I felt the same way when I found the closest thing to a Mexican restaurant here by the school :)

  6. Oh man an Ann Taylor outlet - I would be in so much trouble! :)
    Yes, it did feel long but mostly on Monday when it was dark outside and my hubby still had an hour before he was getting home - I do NOT like that part.
    Love ya,

  7. outlett malls increasing in size can only be a good thing!!! yeah!! we don't even ahve any malls around here.

    have a great day!


  8. Hey is happiness in my heart. Rod and I went shopping on Monday night....he knows that I soooo desperately need another pair of black shoes (NOT). The pile of black shoes that he steps over in the closet have become manageable....he needs more of a challenge. Kudos on the shopping bonanza - you hit gold in them thare ya bunches, Donna

  9. outlet mall outside the window...
    ooohhhh! how fun is ann taylor in the backyard...

    love your new look!

    it is so dark so soon, i think it's like midnight and it's husband and my son BOTH pushed back the clock so we were really EARLY on Sunday :)