Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7 Randoms

Well we are back from our trip! We had a WONDERFUL time and are so grateful for the few days we got to spend with my family. I will post many many MANY pictures in my next post...

Moving to Houston happens very, very soon. In the past week I have had three nervous breakdowns and twenty chicken mcnuggets. (I'm a stress eater, what can I say).

I will take a small break from my stressing about the move to Houston to do this MEME that Ronda tagged me for! Thanks sweet Ronda!

So here we go..... 7 random facts you may not (or may) know about me:

1. When I was 14, I got lost in Venice (Italy) all by myself for several hours. I was there with the Houston Children's Chorus, and our group split up into two groups and both groups thought that the other group had me. I wandered around a foreign city frantically trying to find someone to speak English. I eventually found myself in St. Mark's Square, where I sat myself down by a flag pole with my purple backpack and prayed that I would see someone I knew. Thankfully, I did, and my group ran to me and we hugged and cried. The adult leaders were also crying... I think they thought my parents were going to sue. :) It was all an adventure!!

2. I have certain songs that I "practice". Being the musical theater girl that I am, I used to hear certain songs and kinda place them in my mind in the category of "sing this for an audition some day". I would practice these songs in the car, in the shower, wherever, just in case I needed to audition on a whim and needed a power song. While I no longer perform, I still practice songs, for that big Broadway stage in the sky! :)

3. The first time Grant kissed me was on my 20th birthday. Earlier that evening at my birthday party, Joanna and Lindsee asked me if I thought Grant was going to kiss me that night. My response was "oh no, that is a long long way off". When he was leaving my house that night we talked as he walked to his car. After we had a mini-argument in my driveway, he interrupted me by kissing me. I walked back into the house, and had to tell Jo and Lindsee "Ya'll, he just kissed me!!" and they said "WE KNEW HE WOULD!!". I haven't thought about that night in so long. (Joanna and Lindsee, it's time to 'fess up if you were looking out the windows! I have a feeling you were!!)

4. I don't drink milk. I don't eat donuts. I HATE HATE HATE pickles. And the smell of tuna fish makes me gag.

5. I have never, ever, ever, ever, colored my hair, or highlighted it, or put anything into it at all. I think I am the last living woman to say this.

6. When I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a towel and put on my robe. Then I q-tip my ears. Then while I'm waiting for my hair to go from wet to damp in the towel, I make the bed and then check my email. Then I blow dry my hair, followed by the Chi, followed by makeup. This is my morning routine.

7. It took me four attempts to pass college algebra. I had straight A's in English and History though! I'm just mathematically challenged!!

Alrighty, that's it!

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Have fun ladies!


  1. Welcome (back) to Houston! I bet you're pretty excited to be coming home. Do you know which side of town you'll be living in?

    Take all the moving stuff in stride -- it will all get done on time! :)

  2. Fun!! You're not alone in the no hair dye, no highlights, no nothing! :)

  3. Laughing about Italy. I so remember you telling me when our groups got back together. I didn't believe you. Oh, the memories of HCC. Bless them!

  4. I'm in shock over #5 and am also #7!

    love ya~

  5. hah I just tagged you for this, but you're one step ahead! x