Friday, April 25, 2008

Someone Else's Pictures

In the midst of all this packing of boxes, I decided to take a break last night and post some pictures from our vacation to Horseshoe Bay that we had with my family last weekend.

I could not find my camera cord for the life of me. Finally I asked Grant if he had seen it. His response was "Um.......... I may have just packed it". I look over to the massive pile of boxes piling up high in the dining room. I see "computer stuff" labeled on a box that evidently needed an entire roll of duct tape to seal it. I guess I can't upload my pictures.

SO.... I'm stealing some that Jaclyn sent me :) I'll upload mine when I move to Texas, which is next week!
Here are my 3 nieces playing checkers together.
This is a classic Jen & Grant moment. I am saying "Daddy, please.." cause dad was just snappin away when we weren't ready. Grantley could not be more disinterested.
Mom and ALL of her girls :)

This is quite possibly my new favorite picture.

I love that baby girl! It's almost her 1st Birthday!

My sister Shannon, and her husband Jason. They are not holding the correct child. The twins were asleep at this point :)

How cute are Jaclyn and Jeremy????

Aunt Jenny took the twins on a walk across the bridge. I was in HEAVEN! It looks like Grace is saying "Stop it, you silly goose!". Scarlett and Juliet are getting SO big and say the cutest things.

We finally got a normal picture :)

P.S., I am wearing some mega-cute white pants in the photo above, you just can't see it. Mega. Cute.

Hope you enjoyed my sister's photos :) Thanks Jaclyn, love you!


  1. I am taking a break from I love the pictures! Ya'll are so blessed to have each other and be able to take vacations together. Hope you aren't too stressed with the move. Hang in there!

  2. It's okay that you can't find your camera cord, BECAUSE IT IS ON IT'S WAY TO HOUSTON!!! :)

    Love you!

  3. LOVE your hair! You look just so, so beautiful!
    Thanks for your sweet comment! It's nice to get a compliment when you're not feeling particularly pretty...and apparently I tend to feel that way my WHOLE pregnancy!
    Love you Jen! So thrilled about your move! So wishing I could meet you and Linds for Chinese!

  4. These pictures completely made me smile!!!

    Are you really moving NEXT WEEK???

    Praying for you sweet friend!