Monday, April 28, 2008


Inhale. Exhale.

It is Monday night and the moving truck will be here Thursday morning. I decided to take a break from all the packing and fill everyone in on all kinds of things!

The past week has been exciting, and tearful, and stressful, and surreal, and just altogether emotionally exhausting! Tomorrow is my last day at work. Thankfully, I am only going in for a few hours. But it is very strange to think that I won't be working there anymore! I won't be making that 30 minute drive to the office 5 days a week.... SO WEIRD!

On Saturday, Katie and Ronda spent the ENTIRE day with me here at the apartment. Those two wonderful women boxed up my whole kitchen!!! I am so so grateful to them for all the hard work they put in. Girls, you definitely took a big burden off of my shoulders!

On Sunday we went to our Sunday school class Crawfish Boil after church. I was SHOCKED and OVERWHELMED when they showed us the cake they had made for us! There was a big picture of Grant and I kissing at the class New Years party (at midnight) and the cake said "Good Luck, We'll Miss You!". I got all teared up. I knew that this Sunday would be our last but saying goodbye to all the precious friends we have made got me all emotional. Everything is really starting to sink in. (By the way, I have pictures of the cake... but as you learned in my last post, Grant packed my camera cord in a box. Soooooooo you'll see pictures later).

While we are very very excited about where the Lord is so clearly leading us, we are also sad to be saying goodbye to our Louisiana home. Grant's family all live here in Louisiana and we are sad to be moving 4 hours away! Thankfully, it is only 4 hours and an easy drive. But still, we are sad. We have been spoiled to be able to drive into New Orleans for the weekend and spend some wonderful golf/shopping time with Grant's parents! And Chase & Ronda live just 5 miles away from us here and we are going to miss that luxury! We are sad and we wish we could take Grant's family down to Houston with us!

Katie and Mo have become very, very dear friends in a very, very short time. We do something with them most every weekend and that will be a big adjustment. However, I am beyond confident that they will be able to come down and visit us fairly frequently. AND, since Grant's family lives in Louisiana, we will be coming back up this way all the time and may have to have a quick meal with our precious friends!

The Lord has answered some major prayers these last few days. We FINALLY found a place to live today that is available for us to move into on Friday. We are downsizing to a one bedroom apartment, but it is a 6 month lease, a GREAT location and it is very pretty inside. We are so relieved to have found somewhere to move to! I am almost done training the girl that is replacing me at work and most of the house is packed up. I just have to finish packing up my clothes in the closet and get CLEANING!

Thank you so much for your prayers. Please continue to pray that we would feel excitement and enthusiasm. It is hard to focus on the big picture when there is so much to do and so many people to say goodbye to.

Also, I have responded to a few ads on craigslist for a job. A few people have called back, so we'll see where that goes!

Love ya'll, I'll keep you updated as best as I can!


  1. PTL! You have found somewhere to live! That is such a relief to know that the moving van will have a final destination, other than your parent's driveway! I am so happy everything is starting to come together! I love you so very much! And don't forget, "it's betta faw you!" (I have a funny story to tell you too that happened today!)

  2. Glad you have somewhere to land. Will continue to pray for a job! Have safe travels and happy unpacking!

  3. Thanks for the update, Jen. We're thinking about you and looking forward to having you back in Houston. I'm so happy that you have a place to call home when you get here.

    Keep taking those deep breaths!


    P.S. I wish you could bring Grant's family to Houston with you too! :)

  4. Thank God! I was freaking out when Lindsee told me how you haven't found a place yet. I will get the rest of the story from her on Thursday. Hang in there! I am praying!

  5. God is answering prayers for you sweet Jen
    I am excited to see how He continues to bless you
    I will continue to pray for you this week b/c moving is stressful!
    God bless,

  6. Jen, I'm so glad everything is starting to come together for you. It's great that you're almost done training the new girl at work and it's great that you have a place to live too! I know goodbyes are hard, but just keep the big picture in mind, you'll be closer to the gorgeous Grace Parker!!!! (and, of course the rest of your family!) xxx

  7. Jen,
    Yay for moving to Texas and boo for leaving friends and packing. Oh, I really dislike packing or unpacking. I don't eveen like packing suitcases anymore...i'm all packed and unpacked out!

    Anna is in Houston and goes to Eclesia church and heard Jaclyn does too. Debbie Forest just started going there and she and Anna were talking about a BIble study and thinking maybe you would want to join. I almost cried and yelled at my sister" you can't do a Bible study with Jenn! I want to!"

    So yea..I'm jealous of you:)

    I am loving being married, it is wonderful. I am learning so much so quick.

    OH, i made your was delicious except the rice! I need help. Do you pre-cook the rice?

    Love you girl...and good luck packing and cleaning!


  8. Hey girl...
    Its Thursday night as I type this.
    I'm praying some peace and joy over you as I type this out. I pray the weekend is free from complications of any kind!

    can't wait to hear the scoop!


    But don't worry, I'm not giddy at all. ;)