Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And The Saga Continues....

Hi dear friends. I am writing to you from my office. I am back at work, which actually is nice. I feel like things are normal!

And things are NOT normal. Grant and I went back to our apartment this morning on our way to work because we read something online that said that we have power.

When we got there we found that we DID have water (HALLELUJAH!) but we DID NOT have power. I am just thankful that God gave us one out of two!

We have been out of our home since Thursday night. We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at my parents home with no power and no water. We spend Sunday and Monday night with our friends Scott & Lauren in College Station. We were SO thankful to be in a fully functioning city. Then we spent last night at my parent's house again. They have no power but my dad rigged up a water thing so I got to shower. I did not, however, get to blow dry my hair. And I know that I just look lovely this morning. My clothes are wrinkled (can't iron), my hair is in a messy bun since I slept on it wet and I did my make up in the dark this morning. Lord have mercy.

I am so so grateful though for God's many, many blessings. I am glad to be back at work. I am thankful for my husband who has moved us from place to place without complaining. I am thankful for Scott & Lauren for so graciously opening their home. I am thankful for my sister Jaclyn who let me use her shower. (Jaclyn is also still without power. She misses the internet. Grace misses Barney).

I am yearning for a routine....


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  2. Oh girl
    I am praying for you
    I can not even imagine what it must all be like
    May God' peace and provisions rain down on you sweet friend

  3. Yay I'm rejoicing for you that you finally have some normality back after what must seem like a really long week!

    And, I'm guessing that your hair looked as pretty as ever, even in your 'messed-up bun'.