Friday, September 19, 2008

Things I Am Doing This Weekend

I'd like to take a moment to do the happy dance.

I have electricity in my apartment. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.

So now, when my hair looks like this, I am able to use my hair straightener.

My life just got supremely less complicated.

It has been a LONG week, but now that I have power (as of this morning), I have already begun planning what my weekend is going to look like. It will not involve leaving my apartment much, that is for sure. I fully intend on being a homebody. Here are just a few things on my weekend to-do list:

Vacuuming. (By the way, I HATE how that word is spelled). I need to give my house a thorough clean down from top to bottom. I've never been more excited in my life about cleaning.

Laundry. We have been wearing the same clothes for a week. And let me tell you, we smell heavenly. For the record, the washer and dryer you are seeing below are not the same ones in my utility room. The appliances below appear only in my wildest dreams and fantasies. However, I have an awesome attitude about my washer and dryer now. Even if my dryer does take 3 hours to dry one towel, one pair of socks, and one of Grant's undershirts, I don't even care. I am just so thankful that they work now.

Febreze. My whole house kinda smells funky. It has that mildew-y smell. The fridge stinks and the windows were left open for a day and so everything is just yuck. I plan on making it smell so fresh and so clean-clean. Groceries. My whole fridge and pantry are empty of anything we can eat. We threw everything out since we knew we were losing power. So I really need to spend some quality time at the grocery store to re-stock. Cooking! For the past week, we have eaten OUT for practically every meal of the day. And believe it or not, I am tired of it. I plan on cooking every meal we eat this weekend. The pasta below looks delightful. I have been craving some jambalaya with sausage, as well as these yummy BBQ pork chops I make. I am thrilled to be back in my kitchen.
Church! Our church cancelled all services this past Sunday, and we were so sad. Just 2 weeks ago was our first Sunday in the new sanctuary (as pictured below, isn't it pretty!?) and we are desperately needing worship. This has been a stressful week and it is time we get our hearts back in the right place.

Emmy Night!!! Sunday night is Emmy night, my very most favorite award show. I am really rooting for THE OFFICE, as usual. I also look forward to all the dresses. Perhaps I will do a post on my fave fashion choices of the night!But most of all, this weekend, I am praying for this sweet boy. Carson is five years old. He is the nephew of my dear darling friend Joanna and her husband John. Two years ago, Carson was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. He has been quite the fighter and even as the cancer has spread, he has had many surgeries and has been such a big boy about everything. Sadly, this last week, his numbers sky-rocketed and he has been admitted into the hospital again. John and Joanna flew to Dallas from Montana to be with their family. Please, please pray for a miracle for this sweet sweet boy. He has a precious heart, he loves his Jesus and he really just wants to go to kindergarten like everybody else. His website is linked here.

Love you friends,


  1. Yay for your electricity coming back on!! I'm so excited for you!

    Once you've completed your to-do list this weekend, I really think that you should share your recipe for BBQ pork-chops- they sound delicious!! And also, what you serve them with?

    Your new sanctuary at church looks absolutely stunning. You are so blessed to have such a lovely place to worship!

    Hope yyou have a wonderful weekend Jenny! x

  2. You are a busy girl. I'm not going to write my list for the weekend because you make me look like a slacker! Hey, can you post your jambalaya recipe? Adam loves cajun food and asked me to learn how to make it when we were engaged. I have no idea how to make it and it scares poor thing hasn't gotten it yet:)

    Love you Jenn!

  3. I am so glad you have electricity back. We got ours back about a day and a half ago. Today, even though we were just going to the grocery store, my mom and I blew our our hair and styled it, and dressed up, just cause WE COULD! We ran into Karin Monson. She asked if we had somewhere special to go, looking all nice. :) Tehe!

  4. wow this post had me all over the board in emotions
    I was giggling at the pic of the girl and her hair

    rejoicing over your power and chance to get your apartment back in order

    and then in tears over sweet Carson
    Oh dear father please heal that darling child!
    It is great to hear from you sweet Jen!
    So glad church will resume on Sunday - Rejoice in the Lord always!!
    Love you