Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Gustav!

Hi friends. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for our family in New Orleans, as well as Baton Rouge. We were really surprised that Baton Rouge, our former "home town" was hit with such strong winds.

We are still waiting to hear how Grant's parent's house has held up. Since everyone has evacuated, no one has seen their home, but from the looks of things on TV, it appears that they may have been spared. We won't know for sure though until someone actually goes there and checks everything out.

Grant's mom and dad as well as Chase and Ronda are all holed up in Chase and Ronda's boarded up house. The eye of the storm went right over Baton Rouge and they had some windy moments there. Apparently some trees fell in the backyard but other than that they are all okay. They have been without power all day and I am sure are getting a little bored :) Thank you for praying for our sweet family. We felt really weird not being there with them.... and please continue to pray that the levees hold tomorrow and that the city will not flood!

Our friends Katie and Mo had a rough time in the storm... a series of bricks/tiles/something (Katie's cell phone was cutting out and I couldn't understand the whole thing) apparently flew through her front AND back windshields and the roof of her car, totalling it. They are without power and now without one car... please pray for our friends!

Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Grant and I just laid low this weekend and enjoyed our relaxing three days off. It was much needed and I feel really rejuvenated and not so stressed. I am ready to go to work and get stuff done. Yesterday was our last Sunday in the gym at church. Next week we will be in our new sanctuary! SO exciting. God is doing really great things. Lindsee came over last night and I made us dinner and we ate cookies and visited. It was such a treat!

Have a great week precious friends.... I am going into this week with a goal to NOT COMPLAIN. No complaining and NO whining. Anyone care to join me?


  1. Oh Jen I'm so pleased that everyone has been kept safe, we have been praying. And I'm glad you had a great labour day weekend, and are feeling refreshed, have a good week! x

  2. So glad your in-laws and friends are a okay....I wish i could have a cookie party with you two!

  3. I'll agree to no whine or no complain with ya!!

    So thankful everyone and homes is ok.

    Much love,