Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coming to You Live from Jaclyn's Couch.....

Happy rainy Saturday to you all!

There's been some developments regarding my new nephew Dean who is scheduled to arrive on March 24. Apparently the little mister is doing just fine and is already well over 6 pounds, however, his mama is not behaving herself. Her blood pressure is way way up and so the doctor ordered her to bed and she cannot get up unless she needs to tinkle. So, Aunt Jen came over today to help out and make sure that Jaclyn stays put on the couch!

It's been a nice day. We are watching a "What Not to Wear" marathon while Grace Parker takes a nap. I put in a few loads of laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. My mom brought over some stuff for dinner and some magazines for Jaclyn to read. They need her to stay put cause she is showing signs of hypertension. There is a chance that Mr. Man may be gracing us with his presence within the next few days..... thankfully he is already a big boy and can come out if need be! Please pray that Jaclyn's blood pressure stays in the normal range!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Jaclyn had scheduled reservations for us at a new Italian restaurant but she couldn't come with us. :( So instead, we brought some dessert over to her house after dinner (a cake my dad made, I might add!) and we just brought the birthday party over here! It was a wonderful time and I'm glad we all got to celebrate my mom!

Also, I would like to give an official shout-out to my friend Jessica, a new blogger! Jess is a fellow redhead who is just adorable and hilarious and we have alot in common! :) We have known each other since childhood but our friendship has formed over the last couple years. Grant and I enjoy her and her darling husband Brian so much. I have been bugging her to blog for awhile now and I'm so glad she is joining blog world. Go visit her blog here and say hi!

I hope you're enjoying this rainy day!


  1. I hope y'all had a fun day, despite Jaclyn being confined to the couch/bed. Love you both! Can't wait to meet Mr. Dean!

  2. Love my shout-out! and love you too!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments. I love people who leave comments!