Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a Little All Over the Place!

Happy Wednesday morning to you all! I have so many things to say that don't really go together in any way shape or form so I have compiled these thoughts into a list. It's a little all over the place :)

1. Grant and I are headed up on FRIDAY to see the babies. I can't wait to meet Mr. Evan and Miss Emily in person and bring them the new outfits I have picked out for them! Ronda posted some pictures on her blog and I think I about fell out of my chair! TOO CUTE!

2. Yes, I have many thoughts on The Bachelor and the scandal that surrounds it. I must say that I am not upset with Jason for changing his mind. I am upset that he agreed to break up with the poor girl in front of the cameras. And what makes me the MOST MAD (I am telling ya, my skin was crawling and I almost jumped through our television) was that he KISSED MOLLY right after he dumped Melissa! Ummmm HELLOOOOOO! You were engaged about 10 MINUTES AGO! I was definitely yelling at the screen. I just shouted "HEY!!!!!!! WHY ARE WE KISSING??!?!". Totally inappropriate and unnecessary. I'm still mad.

3. My sweet hubby introduced me to my new at-work-lifesaver. It's an internet radio station! You go there and type in one of your favorite artists and it will bring up a radio station with that artist and other artists similar to it. It is making my work day SO awesome. Love it! :)

4. My sister Jaclyn finished baby Dean's nursery and it is TOO CUTE! Go see it here.

5. Speaking of babies, last night at my Houston Children's Chorus rehearsal that I help out at, one of our 8th grade girls brought her fake robot baby that she is required to take care of by her Home-Ec class. That baby cries and everything. It was so funny to see her singing these beautiful songs while holding that baby, bouncing it, and patting it's back so it would stop crying. It was the funniest thing! I COULD NOT stop laughing! And ya know, it's also a bit sad that we have to make our 13 year old girls take care of fake robot babies so they will understand how much work it is. Insane.

6. Grant's new job is going great! He started Monday. He is in a meeting this morning at the Houston City Club with a bunch of CEO's. I was calling him Mr. Fancy Pants. His boss told him he absolutely has to get a Blackberry. Oh mercy, what are we in for? On a fun note, his office comes fully equipped with a Ping Pong table and a Keg of Root Beer on tap. He's a happy boy!

7. My office building has 6 elevators. 4 of them are not operating. My building has 15 floors. I walked into the lobby this morning at 7:50am and did not walk into my office (on the 14th floor) until 8:10am. Sooo not cool.

8. I am not really in love with anyone on American Idol yet. I do like that Kris Allen boy from last week. He is a worship leader and seems like he has an awesome voice with GREAT tone. Ya'll have any faves yet?

9. I'm craving a gingerale. I haven't had a gingerale since 1996. I have no idea why I just got an urge.

10. When I started this post, I had 3 unread messages in my work email inbox. Now I have 14. Better get to work.

Love ya'll!


  1. I bet you are so excited to hold those little babies! Did you have to walk up the stairs??? Pandora was GREAT when I was pregnant and taking classes. I would listen to stuff to take my mind off my nausea!

  2. Sorry I failed you as a friend by not letting you in on the wonder that is

  3. 1. SO EXCITED you get to meet your new niece and nephew this weekend!
    2. I agreed about the Bachelor- TACKY to kiss Molly - dude is wierd
    3.I love internet radio - life saver!
    4. Baby Dean's nursery is ADORABLE and it is the same color as my cole's room - LOVE IT!
    5. Robot baby - such a great idea but yes very sad that we even have to do that now but teen pregnancy is out.of.control!
    6.So excited about Grant's job - blacberrys stink but the ping pong table and root beer sound NICE!
    7. bad elevators - BAD!
    8. AI is on my nerves
    9. I love ginger ale but can't say when I last had one :)
    10 - LOVE YA

  4. HUGE congratulations on being an aunt again, Jen. Those babies are so blessed to have such a sweet and doting aunt! And Grant's new office sounds great, so glad to hear his new job is going well!

  5. ok...i am totally cracking up about the HCC student with the robot baby. If I had been there with you we might have peed our pants :)

  6. 1) I feel like I have failed you as a BFF because I never told you about Pandora. It is, indeed a wonderful thing.

    2) I am still dying over the baby at HCC. Oh, sweet mercy I am glad I wasn't there.