Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ireland, etc.

It is indeed, St. Patrick's Day. I got up and got dressed this morning having forgotten that it is the day that I am supposed to wear green. I painstakingly selected an outfit for work: grey pinstripe pants and a black top. Grant then reminded me that it is the 17th, and I realized that I would get repeatedly harassed and annoyed by my co-workers all day. So, I grabbed my green scarf (that is made in and purchased in IRELAND so I get extra points) and ran out the door. I don't really plan on wearing the scarf, but holding it in the air everytime someone walks by my office. It will be effective, I promise.

Also, I would like to add that on this day in 1991, I had my tonsils removed. They gave me a green hospital gown, cause, you know, it would've been weird if I was in the pale blue and my surgeon continously pinched me. Not cool.

Last night we went to the gym. I was on the elliptical machine with my headphones on watching "Dancing with the Stars", and I had just completed my second mile when I started to have thoughts such as "Who really wants to be toned?" and "I think my asthma is flaring up" and "Maybe pale, squishy thighs will make a comeback". I was about to get off the machine when a girl, probably about my age, climbed onto the machine next to me. After giving her a once over, I resolved myself to the fact that I do indeed want toned legs.

Homegirl got on that machine and worked that poor elliptical to the bone. She wasn't just running. She would do this crouching movement to work other muscle groups. But the craziest thing was when she turned herself sideways, did the elliptical machine from the side, criss-crossing her legs, WHILE HAVING A CONVERSATION ON HER CELL PHONE. Grant said I gave her a dirty look. I didn't mean to but I was just appalled. How can you have a light chatty phone conversation while doing that? Needless to say, I huffed and I puffed and I got myself off of that thing.

For those of you keeping up with all the babies in my life, please be praying for my sister Jaclyn and my soon-to-be-nephew, Dean Jackson. You can read a new update on Jaclyn's blog here. Perhaps the little boy may be coming this week! Hooray! I am excited to add another photo to my ever-growing list of nieces and nephews there on the right!

Have a wonderful day everyone. Keep a positive attitude. Be patient. Don't show off on the elliptical machine. And above all else, Erin Go Braugh. Whatever that means in Irish.


  1. Wow! I would have given her a crazy look too. Who does she think she is?! I'll be prayin for the baby!

  2. Hey friend, awesome post, good all round coverage of the going's on. I would have wanted to push homegirl off her elliptical. Gag me.

    And, you are beautiful and thin you really don't need worry about her. And...what kind of poser HAS their phone with them in the gym only for purposes of chatting?

    Love you, praying to Jaclyn, Dean and everyone...

  3. Happy st. patricks day to you too :) And,I totally commend your efforts of even going to the gym, my good intentions of toning up really haven't mounted to much at all, in fact I just wrote a post on that very thing!

    Have a great day girl! x

  4. what is wrong with that girl....seriously. NOT NORMAL. Settle down woman! :)