Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coffee Makes Me Spazzy

We picked up Mo & Katie from the airport last night. We crawled into bed at 2:30am. I am sitting here at my desk at work, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee. I am all over the place. And you know what that means about my blog: LIST FORMAT.
  • While they were gone, Grant & I kept their sweet dog Molly. It was so weird to have 2 dogs running around, but she is so cute and quite the cuddler. I'm gonna miss that little girl.

  • Tuesday was the best work day ever in the history of mankind. My boss is having the ceilings painted in his house and the paint company requires that someone be in the house. Well, my boss had meetings all day and so my job on Tuesday was to sit in his home the entire day and watch television. I started off with the Today Show, followed by a little Regis & Kelly, followed by a little What Not to Wear and then I finished the day with the Law & Order SVU marathon. It was a hard day's work. It was glorious. I told him that I am always up for a day like that!

  • There is a zit on my chin right now. It is so big, it could probably have its own chair at a restaurant. It's like another person. It's unreal. And there is no face wash or cream that can minimize it. I think it is here to stay. Maybe I should give it a name? I don't know. I'll have to think about that.

  • I am in love with our church Sunday school class and small group. While Mo & Katie were gone, they brought us casseroles and fruit baskets and sympathy cards and candles and gift cards and money for their plane tickets to shower them with love and support. Yesterday, I got the key to their apartment and snuck in and set it all up so that when they got home, it would all be there. I am just so proud and honored to be apart of such a loving, supportive group of people. We have made such great friends in the last year. God is good.

  • We are still house hunting. We put an offer on a home about a month ago and we were outbid. We are still looking. I do trust the Lord and I trust His perfect timing, but I have to admit, I am getting a bit anxious. Please pray that the "perfect" home comes on the market SOON! We need more space. You know your apartment is small when you can vaccuum the entire apartment without ever unplugging the darn thing from the wall!! But seriously, more than anything, pray that the Lord would lead us to the place He wants us to be.

  • Even though I'm feeling a bit lost/panicked/anxious about the house thing, I do really feel like God is truly blessing us beyond measure right now. He is good and is doing far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. When it comes to our friends, our marriage, our jobs... He is good.

  • The post-it notes here at the office ran out so we had to order more.... I do love me some post-it notes. The new ones came in this morning. They are neon colored. I'm more a fan of the pastel post-its. I guess I will have to learn to cope with these loud colors.

  • I think I'll name the zit Nancy.

  • I never got to thank you all for the advice you gave regarding our sleeping problem. I was surprised and encouraged to know that so many of you have struggled with the same thing!! It has been so much better. We are "just doing it" as many of you suggested. And I really am so much happier with my days when I am able to have a morning. I am so gald we admitted our problem!

  • Grant got me a Blackberry. I always chuckled when people called it a crackberry but I now totally get it. My gosh. I love it. I think I may name it.

  • Name my blackberry. In the comments, please leave your suggestion for a good name for my little buddy.

  • Okay I am going to stop now with the list-making.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Love love love....


  1. Molly misses you, she told me so. Don't hate on Nancy too much. She obviously chose you to be her friend, she needs you. I love you so very much, you have been an amazing friend throughout all of this.

  2. I love your lists. Sorry I'm no good at naming things so I can't help you with the black berry. Happy Thursday!

  3. You crack me up.

    How about Bob? I name everything Bob.

  4. Honey I think it's the coffee and lack of sleep making you spazzy. Do you know you are trying to name a PHONE and a ZIT. Personally, zits aren't things I want to be on a first name basis with.

    I need a naproom at my house, btw...

  5. We are looking in the Katy area. Not set on one particular neighborhood, just trying to stay close to I-10. Greg said you guys were looking for houses in Katy too. Sometimes we joke about hurrying up to go see a house before the Issamingers snatch it up, haha. We actually had a conversation 2 weeks ago that went like this:

    Me: Ohhh, I love this house let's go buy it now (haven't even seen it yet though, a little dramatic). But what if the Issaminger's are about to buy it?!

    Greg: Oh my gosh we better go see it now! Lets make an appoitment for Sunday at 2. Then I will call Grant and ask him to go kayaking. I will tell him to meet me at 2 at the lake. Then we will go buy the house.

    Me: Perfect!

    Turns out someone already bought the house before we could see it.

    Good luck though! Keep us posted on your progress. Sounds like there are a lot of Blueprints people in Katy so it should be fun.

    Did I just excede some sort of comment limit?

  6. Lou comes to mind....good luck with the name!

  7. Have fun with your house hunting. Just like finding "the one" to marry and "the dress" to wear, you'll know right away when you walk into "the house." Just be patient and the Lord will show you the perfect house at the perfect time. :)

    Less than one week until our birthdays! Except you're one year ahead of me, old timer. ;)

  8. You guys should definitely move toward the Katy/Cypress side of town! You could build in our neighborhood, there are plenty of lots available! :) Good luck on the hunt. Oh and you should name your phone Leonard.