Monday, August 17, 2009

Too Many Things Today

Too much has happened today. My little eyes are all cried out.

We had plans today to look at a house on our lunch break. Great house, great location, great price. Super cute and pretty with a big yard. I was thinking that this could be it. Around 11:00 we were informed that we shouldn't bother going to see the house because - you guessed it - the seller's had just accepted an offer this morning.

Y'all I had just about had it. Tears started a-flowing. I know that crying doesn't help anything but I was just DONE. I felt like giving up and just deciding to live in this apartment for the next 30 years. I mean, I understand that this house was not meant for us but this is the THIRD time this has happened in the span of about a month and I am just so exhausted and frustrated.

After I had a good cry, I got myself together and was reminded by my sweet friend Lynn that the Lord is good and that He loves me. I took a deep breath and said "Okay Lord, I trust You".

And now I am sad again. Not because of a house, but because of something much more life-altering. Our sweet precious Katie & Mo left us tonight. We said goodbye as they begin their move back to St. Croix. I am so proud of them for what they are choosing to do. They know they need to be with his family. I am so proud of Katie for the sacrifices she is making and for the way she is supporting her husband. It all just happened so fast and it was hard to say goodbye. We sat here on our couch and held hands and prayed and we all cried and hugged and UGH I just have no more tears left. I am going to miss our friends.

The only positive thing about them leaving us is that they are leaving us with their 50 inch plasma TV since they are worried it would get damaged on the boat ride there. Grant is enjoying playing his video game on such a large screen!

Tomorrow I will have some fun birthday pictures to share with you. I am just exhausted tonight and am going to hit the sack a bit early tonight. Love y'all.


  1. Not that my story helps you. But, we've been looking at houses and found out that some of our favorites were under contract as well. One night we were going to look at 2 and BOTH were gone... I cried too!

    Just know that the Lord will give you the perfect one. We are thankfully closing on a house this next week and I know HE has something amazing for you.

    I'm also sorry for all the tears and I hope that you get to see Katie and Mo soon!

    God may just blow your socks off with the most amazing house - and I pray that HE DOES!!!

    By the way, your birthday is the day before my husband's - fun fact :)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends! I know how excited you were when they moved to Houston, and it seems like such a short time ago, too. Maybe they will be back before you know it.

    Also, keep your chin up about the whole house thing. Just think about how much you loved those three houses -- and then think about how much BETTER the house you end up getting will be! It will be even more perfect than the other three!


  3. HE does have the perfect house for you. And really, the perfect plan! And right when we think we're ready to throw the towel in, He'll bless our socks off and remind us that HE is in control of every situation and will provide in His perfect timing. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, and even myself like crazy, but it's just the truth! Love you much. Hope you get a lot of rest tonight!


  4. oh my sister, i am sorry you had a rough day today. Good things are coming to you and I can't wait. We are going to have so much fun decorating together :)

    You are such a wonderful friend to Katie...i know today was hard :(
    i love you sister

  5. Hi Jen,
    Found you on my daughter's bloglist (Ashley McWhorter). A while back we made offers on 5 different houses that had been for sale forever! Well, on each one - an offer had been accepted within hours of our offer. Yep, 5 times this happened. We decided to step back and see what God was trying to tell us. I started praying for God to show us His will - not our's in our home search. After about 6 months of praying, Ashley and I took her kids our for some ice cream and were just driving around. We came into a fairly new neighborhood and saw 4 new homes that were almost complete. We walked in the 1st one and I knew then this was God's house for us. I brought my husband back that night and we put a contract on it. It was not only brand new, but also the least expensive of all the 5 houses we had previously tried to buy and the PERFECT floorplan. We moved in 6 wks later and LOVE it. I am SO VERY thankful that those 5 homes did not work out!!! God's choices are so much better than our choices. God's no for you now is not no, but yes. Yes to His perfect home for you. Pray that He lead you to His home for you and He will!! I promise He will - all in His timing!!!
    Mammy (Julie) Marler

  6. Clearly this is a sign from God that you need to look for a house in Prestonwood Forest. He told me so.

    Girl, I know it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are the one actually in the tunnel, but I promise, just as these other ladies wrote in their own special ways, that it will work out. God has something AWESOME in store for you and when it happens you're going to be like "HOLLA! I AM SO GLAD THIS WORKED OUT GOD'S WAY INSTEAD OF MY WAY!" (and I quote)

    I love you! Chin up. I know 50 inches of plasma is nothing compared to great friends, but it doesn't hurt anything either! ;)

  7. I hope that you were able to get some sleep and to be covered in a calmness and peace that only He can bring. I know it is so tough sweet girl, but you will be able to look back and see His hand in ALL of this!

  8. Jen
    I am so sorry
    That is frustrating news about the house :(
    And I am so sad about Katie and Mo!!
    Praying for their transition
    Much love