Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love Bagels

It's a bagel kind of morning. I'm sitting here enjoying a dutch apple raisin bagel from Panera while sipping on a cold Diet Coke. Things like this are what makes Monday mornings a bit more tolerable!

I have to do the weekend recap, but it is alot to type and I'm not feeling too wordy this morning. So, I present to you: THE WEEKEND USING ONE SENTENCE PER EVENT!

Celebrated Dad's birthday
Had breakfast with some newlyweds
Watched a lifetime movie
Took a nap
Picked up bridesmaid dress with bride-to-be
Took a nap
Saw G.I. Joe which was horrible
Went to church
Lunch at Grandaddy's
Took a nap
Cleaned the house
Cooked dinner
Watched movie with husband
Went to sleep
And that was that.
And this is now.

I'm feeling very confident and motivated about this week. Great things can happen this week! The Lord has really settled my heart the last few days about our frantic search for a house. I have been getting so anxious and worried and beginning to feel like maybe God didn't really know what He was doing and feeling like I should start taking matters into my own hands. But He has reminded me of a few things:

His plan for me is already mapped out. He knows what our next address will be. His timing is perfect. Even if I am feeling like we are quickly running out of time, His timing is so much better than my timing. He is more than enough for me. I don't have to have a house to be happy. I don't have to live in a house to feel complete. Even if this one bedroom apartment is where we live for the entirety of our marriage.... that is okay. Comfortable? No. Okay? Yes. He is enough for me. Being His daughter, being His child is enough. I don't need anything else.
Having that mindset the last few days is making me feel so much less frantic and so much more at peace. I know He will provide and I don't need to worry my little red head. :)

In closing... I would like to share with you a pair of shoes that I found online recently. I have several weddings coming up this fall and I think these will be the perfect shoe... with the heart and all, it is very wedding appropriate.

Aren't they just so dainty?

Don't be jealous. You know you want them.


  1. Oh my, that shoe, I mean oh my! I would bust and look ridiculous!! Who thinks of this stuff?? Who would wear that? Forgive me if you love them!! HA!!
    Ok, what a weekend!! I love Sunday afternoon naps, and yesterday was great cause it was storming!! Enjoy your Monday, now I need a DC!

  2. I think if you look closely at her foot in the pic, it's blue with bruising! Also, feel blessed by getting to take all of those naps! I'm a little jealous. ;) KE

  3. I always am delighted at how funny and interesting yet meaningful you make your posts. You are so right - God has a place picked out for you and no, living in house will not make your life complete or without problems. And I love panera bagels too!

  4. I loved your weekend recap. And I love those shoes. Truly! Get them. Now.

    Love you!

    And yes, I'll SO be there Friday. Just let me know when and where! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACE!

    And lastly, I am going to Montana for Labor Day. Want to come with me??? Pretty pretty please??? Like seriously.

    Love you so very much and miss you even more. I'M HOME NOW!! WOO HOO!!!


    P.S. My word verification was "stestie." Which is very close to BESTIE!

  5. I absolutely LOVE those shoes. Seriously. So, don't judge me if you were joking ;-)

    Ooo I am very excited for you being a bridesmaid. How fun!

    And yep, ' for I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord. Plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.' amen!!! X

  6. Seriously, how could anyone walk in those. I don't think it is physically possible.

    And how and the heck did you stumble upon those!!

    P.S. We stumbled upon our house when I thought there was no house left that we would love. Just be patient my dear!