Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There's a really funny comedian named Brian Regan. (LOOK INTO HIM, HE IS HILARIOUS, and CLEAN!) In one of his "bits", he talks about being a child and playing outside with his brothers. He says his mother used to come up to them and say "Come up with a good activity!". He then describes a scene where his 5 year old self is sitting in a puddle of mud saying, "Is this a good activity?".

We've had a few new activities lately. Since it is getting cooler, I have been taking Moxie on longer walks. I give him more exercise in the fall-winter months. It is so much more tolerable. Also, in an effort to save money, I have been cooking alot more lately. And, making enough food for us to take to work with us the next day. It really does save so much. Our other new activity is "How I Met Your Mother". We've been renting Season 1 over the last few weeks and finished it this weekend. I can't wait to start Season 2.

Now, I know many of you may think that watching episode after episode of a television show is not an activity. But it is. I've resolved myself to the fact that my activities will never include things such as "knitting" or "scrapbooking" or "exercise".

Anyways, we have been pretty busy lately. Grant has been traveling some for work. We've had alot of wedding festivities. Our dear friends the Larkins had a baby girl named Lily on Sunday. We went to see her last night, she is 6 lbs of perfect!! We brought Jim, Liz, and her mom some Panera for dinner and visited while I hogged the baby for an hour. What a sweet thing! I have been really busy with my 3rd-5th grade choir. They are performing in "big church" a week from Sunday and I am so excited. We have alot of work to do!

I am somewhat ashamed to admit this, but am I the only one who is TOTALLY ready for the Christmas season to get here?! I don't know why, but I NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! I just want to hear the songs and wear a JACKET for goodness sakes and I want to decorate and drink warm drinks.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. #1-I love watching tv shows a season at a time. None of this waiting till next week to see what happens. Just watch it all at once, later.

    #2- I need me some Christmas too. and Matteo's first Christmas! yay!

  2. Hello!

    First of all, I am also wanting to rent how I met your mother seasons...where did you get yours?

    Second, I love the intro! I can see a 5 year old doing that. I laughed out loud a little ;)

    Thirdly, I walked past the christmas play signs at church on sunday and got really excited because I LOVE christmas! I am ready because I love hot chocolate and cider and jackets and cute heavy jeans and my favorite is christmas at first baptist! But I'm not ready because christmas is too close to new years and I'm not ready for 2010 yet HA!

    ps. I cant wait to see your kiddos perform at church next week! I'm sure you have done an excellent job with them :)

  3. Hey Jen,

    I'm with you on the whole christmas thing, I just want to wear my boots and winter coat and gloves. People need gloves! I'm sure you're doing a great job with your junior choir :)

    Also, I've had to make my blog private to invited readers only, because I had some pretty opinionated annonymous comments, so mail me if you want me to invite you to read along. :)

    My email is : nataliejones1006@hotmail.com

    And tell your sweet sister Jaclyn to do the same!

    Much love to you all x

  4. totally in agreement with Christmas - I am ready to DECORATE!!

  5. I think that watching TV is definitely an activity... :) I crafted this week and am VERY happy with how the product turned out!

    Surprisingly (I MEAN VERY SURPRISINGLY), I am not ready for Christmas. I am enjoying the fall decorations and smells!