Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love Lists

1. I cannnot believe it is September 17 and this is only my third post of the month. Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. Things have just been really busy this month and I have had a bit of writer's block. But I am here now! :)

2. Our office is freakishly cold. We wear sweaters all the time and sometimes even that is not warm enough. Well, today I am wearing a sweater and the A/C is out. It is going to be a hot day. I'm feeling like we should shut down the office.

3. TONIGHT IS THE PREMIERE OF THE OFFICE. I cannot contain my excitement. Jim & Pam are going to have a baby! HOORAY! :)

4. I ate Spaghettio's last night. It. Was. Glorious.

5. Mr. Moxie dog has been a very sick boy. He's had to go to the vet twice and get some shots and be on all kinds of medicine. Yesterday was the first day he was finally acting like himself, and I am so glad. I've missed him!

6. Biggest Loser- y'all that Abby woman made me sob. I can't even imagine, bless her sweet heart. I am rooting for her.

7. I got to have lunch with my sweet husband yesterday! I had to pick something up from the courthouse downtown and I got to meet him at his office, take a quick tour, and then have lunch with him in the tunnels. It was a nice mid-day treat. I love him a whole lot.

8. My kids' choir is going great. They are performing in "big church" next month and we almost have our two songs learned. Plus we've played some really fun games and I love being with those kids. Such a blessing...

9. House update: We still have not found one. Ever since school started back up, very few houses have been put on the market. It is slim pickin's out there, y'all. But I am trusting God... I know He will provide in His perfect timing.

10. I'm getting a pedicure and a brow wax tomorrow. It is just time.

Tomorrow is Friday, and for this I am very thankful :) Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Abby or Shay, I am rooting for. I love that you love the Office, I got off track with school, SO I HAD NO IDEA Jim & Pam were having a baby...wonder how Michael will behave, or worse, DWIGHT!!

  2. Putting getting a pedicure on my list of things to do!! :)

    Saw some houses in the neighborhood next to us... secretly wished they were your dream house!

  3. I did not know that the new season of the biggest loser was on again! How many episodses have I missed? We are about to watch the office!

  4. What is the obsession with the show the Office?? I need to get with it and watch I guess!! Yes girl, I feel the same way about Abby, God bless her!