Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Dean

This is Dean Jackson.
He is our nephew.
He is out of control cute.
He is happy.
He loves to make alot of noise.
He loves to laugh.
His big sister makes him laugh. Alot.
He loves when his mama sings Boom-di-yada, Boom- di-yada, Boom-di-yada, Boom-di-yay.
He loves his mama. Period.
He looks just like his daddy.
He loves to jump.
He is scooting around now and is extremely fast at scooting.
He is pure joy, I tell you!

Also, shortly before this picture was taken, he was wearing a brown tie!



  1. ok...i am gonna cry. Dean also has the most wonderful aunt...he is so blessed to be loved by you. Dean's mommy also adores you, she looks forward to you providing Dean lots of adorable cousins!!!!! Soon right? I mean, looks like we found you a house :)

  2. he is a cutie!! When are we going to meet?