Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like We're Moving

Packing has officially begun.

I am counting 4 boxes that are sealed with tape and have words written on the side in the necessary sharpie. "Fragile". "Kitchen Decorative". "Medicine". Don't worry, I left the Midol unpacked since I figured this would be a good week to have that magic drug at the ready. I've already had many a meltdown for no specific reason.

Today we went to Home Depot to buy some more boxes. As we walked back to the storage section, I stopped in the paint area to look at some colors that I'm considering for the kitchen. Then, I wanted to stop at the wood floor area to price some wood laminate. Then, I again stopped at the area rug section since that is something we definitely need for our tile-floored living room. Again, I wanted to stop and look at prices on light fixtures since I am not really a fan of the existing living room and master bedroom light/fan piece. Poor Grant kept saying "This is not what we came here for! We came for boxes!".

So much to think about. This is starting to get so exciting! I'm trying not to think about all the stressful things, such as the fact that I still have atleast 7 Christmas presents that I still need to purchase. Or how we still don't have living room furniture. I'm trying to focus on the fun things. Like the fact that my closet rack won't fall on me anymore! And that I will be able to dry a load of clothes in half the time it takes me now. And I'll have a coat closet! And Moxie will have a whole yard, bless his heart.

As I was trying to sort through my (very) disorganized closet this afternoon, I started to think about how glad I am to have a fresh start. There's something nice about starting over. I really am going to try my darndest to have a more organized lifestyle now that we are tripling our square footage and actually have some space!

Tomorrow starts a new work week. It is going to be hard to focus when I have all these details floating around in my little bitty brain. I am just praying that this week, the Lord will give me focus, motivation, stamina and peace. And also I'm praying that I only cry 2 to 3 times, not 7-10 as I am currently predicting.

In 3 minutes it will be 6:00. At that point, Grant and I are getting back to work, we are not stopping until 7:30 and then we are going to stop for the night. A little bit at a time will keep us from going crazy and biting each other's heads off. In all seriousness, he has been such an amazing help to me and I am so thankful for him. I couldn't do this with anyone else. I just love that man of mine...

Enjoy your last "full" work week! Christmas will be here soon!


  1. Yay for buying your house and moving!! Home Depot/Lowe's will become your second home : )

  2. Don't the the stress get the best of this season of your life. Love you girl! You're almost settled and home. :)

  3. The meltdowns will happen, but it is ok, praying there are only 2-3.

    Lowe's has great area rugs!!

    I loved moving for the purging part!!!