Monday, December 7, 2009

Less Than 2 Weeks

We close on our home in less than two weeks. LESS THAN TWO EVER-LOVING WEEKS. You must be thinking "well surely she has done everything she can do to prepare for this big move!".

Surely, surely, I say unto you, I HAVE DONE NOTHING.

I have not started packing. Everything hanging on the walls is still on the walls. I have not scheduled movers. I have not called a company to get a quote about removing the most horrid wallpaper in the world. (Grant thinks we can wait on this and just "deal with" the bad wallpaper for "a few months" but THAT IS NOT HAPPENING). I have not selected living room furniture. We are down to DAYS here people and I am equally as close as being ready today as I was two weeks ago.

I'll admit it, I am procrastinating. I have ALOT going on this week. Two Christmas parties for work are on the schedule, and for one of the parties I am in charge of making banana bread, chicken salad sandwiches, chips and queso, and sausage balls. However, I will not have too much time to make all that since we are having dress rehearsals this week for our big Christmas production that is taking place this weekend. My kids are singing two songs (that aren't well-polished just yet) and I just can't start a new project while I am working on this project.

I was thinking about how we need to call the electricity company, the trash company, the water company, the security alarm company, the cable company..... all these companies that need to set us up in our new house..... and again, I would rather not do that this week.

Did I mention Christmas shopping and gift wrapping?

The clock is ticking. The whole "this is actually happening, you are actually moving" is starting to sink in and I'm considering eating a lot of fettucine alfredo for lunch to make myself feel better. Or maybe a hot dog. Haven't decided yet.


  1. You have time :) NO WORRIES!!! It will all fall into place!!

  2. You EAT that hot dog!! And then maybe you should pack a few boxes ;)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!!!!


  3. YES...remove all the wallpaper and finish painting before you move in!! It so much easier when the house is empty. Oh, and I would go with the hot dog! YUM!! :)

  4. you can do it! I remember my hectic week of moving in... BUT it will be well worth it girl! Also, I concur with others... do any painting/wallpaper issues before you move in IF you can... because I said I would paint my bedroom and it hasn't happened... just take it one day at a time though!

  5. Oh sweet Jen! I feel for you but it will happen. It just will. The Christmas play will be amazing too! I can't wait to see it! Again, let us know if you need help...we are even good packers :).

  6. I feel ya girl! We are in the midst of it all too! We used movers last time during our apartment to apartment move and we were pleased with them and plan on using them when we move into the house. They were actually contracted out through the company we went with, but they were super fast and they specialized in antiques so they knew how to be careful with furniture. Call me if you want their contact number. Their price was good too! And we just removed wall paper ourselves and with the help of Greg's family this past weekend from the bathroom and kitchen. We were referred by friends to a handy man who does basically everything for great prices and we are going to have him texture the wall for us, then we will paint. If you need someone like that, let me know!

  7. awww, your friends are all so nice. I was gonna say "you better get crackin" Tough love is sometimes the best love.

    hahaha let me know if I can make calls or do anything online for you! you know where to find me :)