Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Weekend Pictorial

Let's have a little weekend photo recap, shall we?

A highlight of the weekend was when I met my BFF Lindsee at Barnes & Noble for a very special book signing. Francine Rivers (Hello Redeeming Love! Hello Atonement Child! Hello Mark of the Lion Trilogy! I LOVE her books) and Beth Moore (Does she really even need an introduction?) were signing their new books. I already had Beth's new book and brought it from home and purchased Francine's book while at B&N. It was such a fun morning.
Here is me and Lou. She had a minor meltdown after she realized that her memory card was not in her camera and she had to resign herself to the fact that she would be taking photos today with her iphone. Homegirl was not happy. She made that very clear. "Oh, stink! I cannot believe I did that! Oh, darn it! What is wrong with me? I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT! Well, poop!"

Here I am with Francine Rivers. She wrote Redeeming Love. Yes she did.

We also got our books signed by the radiant Mrs. Beth Moore. But someone else took the picture and I don't have it... boo.

After that, I headed out to my sister's house for my nephew Dean's first birthday!

Look at our big 1 year old birthday boy! I love you Dean Jackson!

Here is his sock monkey cake. My dad made it.

Happy Birthday to Dean! Happy Birthday to you! (My sister is gorgeous and such a wonderful mommy!)

My nieces, Scarlett, Juliet and Grace eating the cake that Pops made.

My dad (Pops) and the birthday boy.

Aunt Jen with the twins, Scarlett and Juliet. The fact that they will be 4 in May makes me get all emotional and I just can't talk about it right now.

This is my most favorite picture ever in life. I asked my darling Scarlett to give me her biggest smile. And she did.


  1. Yes, oh yes! I did have a minor meltdown. I am glad it was with you!

    And that Dean? Well I just love him. To bits.

  2. Hi! I just read your 10 list on te LPM blog and can SO relate to the shorts comments ;)

    You have a beautiful family! Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

    ~ ~