Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars 2010

Well, my friends, It's time for Jen's Red Carpet Recap- Oscar Edition. You can see the links to previous Oscar recaps here and here. But let's just get right to it, shall we?

This is Amanda, who is very pretty, but I just feel like there needs to be some color somewhere. Don't think I'm knockin the pale... I am all about her ROCKIN the pale, but some colored accessories would've made her look less like an ice princess. I just think she is so pretty.

I really do like this dress... but I wish it was just one shade darker.

I'm pretty sure Cameron wins for Best Dressed. Absolutely stunning. There is nothing I don't like. And her hair is just lovely.

Okay, dear one, you're nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, and this is what you have chosen?

The back of Charlize's dress is very pretty.... It is ruined, however, by the front of the dress which features purple roses indicating where her boobs are.

I'm not gonna lie. He's pretty. George Clooney and his new girl. Her dress is a FABULOUS color.

Hello, Demi. Aren't you just peachy.

Um.... no. Just.... no.

Lovely color!

I just have so many questions about this. First things first, is it made of bubble wrap? Who told her that this was a good idea? And why that color? And seriously, is it made out of bubble wrap?

Kate, are you attending the Oscars on a futuristic space ship?

What in the world is Kathy Ireland doing at the Oscar's?

Hey, you have a pretty dress on and people love your movies and why the heck don't you ever SMILE?! For the love.

The bottom of this looks like an airbrush t-shirt you can get on vacation in Cancun.

Not impressed.

Mariska, my dear detective Olivia Benson, you look pretty, but you belong at the Emmy's, silly girl!

Matt Damon and his cute wife who is wearing a lovely shade of pink. I like them.

Meryl in white! Nice choice!

I just need the bodice to be a bit taller and then this would have been a homerun.

Her earrings are A-MAZING though. Absolute perfection. And my eyelashes look like that all the time.

Molly.... Molly.... I just.... I just can't say anything to you. I will give you a thumbs up on color as redheads look good in jewel tones but that's all I can say.

The flower is oddly placed.

He looks silly. She looks pretty. Way to go, Mrs. Downey Jr.

Words cannot express how much I don't like this.

Muy bonita. The color is lush and wonderful.

I adore Rachel McAdams. I halfway love this dress and halfway think that it looks like a watercolor painting. I just think maybe it's not very Oscar-esque. Maybe the Golden Globes or something? Or the SAG Awards? I don't know. In any case, I like her very much and think she is a wonderful actress.

He looks like a Ken doll. He also has gotten substantially cuter in the last 5 years.

SANDRA! This is an excellent choice for someone who is nominated for Best Actress. She is very very metallic and golden. I like that she just left the hair down and plain. I'm a huge fan of hers. Congratulations to her for winning Best Actress!! I am typing this before the end of the Oscars and so I technically don't know if she won yet, but I am assuming she will. If you are reading this and she has lost the Academy Award, then consider me very angry. If she wins, then I am very smart.

Okay, Sarah Jessica..... I just don't even know what this is.

Tina has a better dress on than she usually does.I like her.

This just makes me want to say a cuss word.

Top of the dress: Elegant and divine. Bottom of the dress: Cha Cha from Grease's skirt. It started off wonderfully but got worse as it went down. Cameron is my winner. Who is yours?


  1. Fabulous! Thanks for doing this so I didn't have to actually watch the oscars.

  2. ok, when they showed Sandy B in the beginning I kept saying to Sergio "omg she's beautiful."..."she's hot"..."man, she looks great...don't you think she looks great?" Sergio just had a look on his face like "um, is this a trick question?" hahaha love the recap, as always. We just love Jesse James, I'll be honest, he makes Sandra Bullock cooler in our eyes.

  3. Love your picks! I completely agree on all of them except Sarah Jessica Parker. I'm actually in love with her dress. I would love to watch the Oscars with you I think it would be so fun! love ya!


  4. MY pick....

    la chica muy bonita! :)

  5. Every last comment was right on. Loved it!

    I had a friend tell me how pretty J-Lo's dress was ... and then I saw this pic. YIKES! Bubble Wrap is NOT her friend!