Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogger's Block

March has not been a very bloggity month for me. I just haven't blogged very much, and not for lack of trying. I come here and start writing and then I get bored with myself and delete everything.

See, I just typed out that paragraph, and now I've got nothing to say.

I just took Moxie on a walk. It was lovely, except for the fact that he almost rips my arm out of socket anytime he sees a squirrel.

Last night I made lasagna, it was yummy. Grant is making steaks tonight. The side item is my job and I have chosen 3 cheese tortellini and alfredo sauce. Yes.

Should I start using the tanning cream now? I feel like we are approaching the warmer months and perhaps I should make my legs a little darker so I don't offend people with my blinding light of paleness.

This week is Spring Break. This doesn't really affect me because I am not in school and Spring Break is just like any other week for me. However, I am loving having less traffic. And on Wednesday nights I am usually at church all evening but all events were cancelled this evening so I am enjoying an evening of rest. So I do have little Spring Break happy moments.

I'm watching last night's American Idol performances and none of these songs sound like Rolling Stones songs.

This morning for breakfast I ate a "Breakfast-on-a-Bun" sandwich from Whataburger. It was amazing and did wonderful things for my diet.

Okay, this blog is so painful that I am going to slowly back away.

I'm ending it.


  1. you're too hard on yourself. you had me laughing at least 3 times. love you

  2. Haha! Aww, it's the everyday things that I love to hear! Makes me feel closer to you! Love you. Miss you. So much. =)