Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New York City Day 3: Michael J. Fox and Pasta

Friday we slept in a little bit because, hey, THIS IS A VACATION. We really don't like going on trips that are meant to be relaxing but you come home more exhausted then you were when you left.

After a nice breakfast-on-the-go and some good coffee, we headed to Macy's. There is something so fun and historic about the New York Macy's and we happened to be there during the Macy's Flower Show. The entire bottom floor is covered in flowers. This picture hardly does it justice.

Yes, those are flowers hanging over the Coach handbags. It's a beautiful thing.

Grant bought me a beautiful watch in the Macy's. And then we got the heck out of there because I CAN'T HANDLE THE THOUSANDS OF CRAZY PEOPLE IN ONE STORE. TOO MUCH GOING ON. Then as we walked out of Macy's, we looked up and said "Oh, look, there's the Empire State Building. Let's go do that".
As we waited in line, Michael J. Fox walked by. We exchanged a few words and he stood there long enough for us to take a photo. So nice :)

Sadly, it was a dreary day, but there are buildings as far as you can see....

More of the city...

And here I am. My hat is all kinds of dorky.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: THE ONLY PEOPLE WEARING HATS IN NEW YORK. I'm sorry but WE WERE COLD because WE ARE FROM TEXAS.

After the Empire State Building, we took a cab to Greenwich Village where we had lunch and walked around aimlessly. Then, suddenly, we stumbled into SoHo entirely on accident and HEY THERE WAS SOME SHOPPING THERE. I browsed in Louis Vuitton just for kicks and also visited Coach. People bring their dogs into the Coach store. (If I brought Moxie into the Coach store he would get hair everywhere and chew on the leather.) I had a lovely visit with a Sales Associate in Coach named Derek and he is very into musical theater and we gushed about broadway for about 10 minutes. Grant loved that part.

We went to the Apple store cause we heard they had bathrooms there.

Grant bought a few shirts at Penguin... and around that time I started telling my dear husband that his dear wife NEEDED A NAP.

So much walking. Feet hurt. Need to lay down. Thankfully I was able to convince Grant by reminding him that he could watch The Masters.

So we went back to the hotel for a mid-day nap.

After the nap we took the worst cab ride ever (so nauseous) to Little Italy for our dinner reservation at Da Nico.

The food was delicious. I had rigatoni pasta in a vodka cream sauce. I cleaned my plate :)

Tune in tomorrow for Day 4 which was filled with more walking and cheesecake and diamonds and more walking.


  1. so fun! did you text shannon right away to tell her you saw michael j. fox?!
    you are a cute hat person!

  2. I still love the Michael J. Fox story. Made it so worth it. You're doing so great with your daily recaps!