Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Today is Saturday.

Tomorrow is Sunday.

And after that comes Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.

No, I'm not singing that Rebecca Black song. I'm counting down the days till New York. WE FLY TO NEW YORK ON WEDNESDAY!!! :)

Are you people tired of hearing about our New York trip? Especially since this is my 11th blog about it and we haven't even left yet? If you are tired of hearing about it then I am sorry but I also regret to inform you that this is not stopping anytime soon.

So much to do! Thursday I went to Ann Taylor Loft on my lunch break and I bought the CUTEST spring time jacket in the prettiest shade of coral. I love it. Not sure how warm I'll be but my jacket will be fabulous.

Grant is at Final Four and I am sitting at home, watching Runaway Bride, doing 3 weeks worth of laundry and cleaning the house. In all honesty, that is exactly what I want to be doing. I've had no time to clean my house in a loooong time and it's so bad that I need to get it done and I need Grant out of the house to do so! I'm looking forward to a slow, relaxing night where everything gets put away. And also I'll be watching some awful Lifetime movies while cleaning. It's the best night ever.

This morning I went to a day spa and got a 30 minute massage and a 1 hour facial. I have been in a drunk-like state the rest of the day. I'm practically comatose. I LOVE DAY SPAS. They make me feel happy and rested.

Now I'm going to go read Southern Living while waiting for the third load of laundry to dry. Yes, I said third. I'm having a folding party tonight while I'm watching a Lifetime movie. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.


  1. I wish I could enjoy folding and lifetime with you :)

  2. I'm excited for you! I know I will probably never get there (my hubby is not into it :o() so I will live vicariously through your pictures!!! Have fun!