Tuesday, August 16, 2011

27 is Getting Uncomfortably Close to 30

Saturday was my birthday. I'm 27 now.


I met Grant when I was 19.


I know, I know, 27 is not old. I'm aware. But I'm inching closer and closer to the big 3-0 and then I'm a real live adult and I don't quite know what to do with all that.

That being said, I had a GREAT birthday. It was so low key.

Grant had a whole day planned for me. We woke up and went to breakfast at Pecan Creek Grill where I had a breakfast taco (Praise the Lord) and great cup of coffee. We sat and visited and then Grant took me to our second location of the day:

We got a couples' massage!!!

Grant knows that massages are my love language and it was such a great gift. Although, I will say this: when I get a massage, I like it to be quiet and peaceful and no speaking and I drift in and out of sleep. Grant got a sports massage where they work on specific muscles that relate to his specific sport (golf) and they spent a lot of time talking. And I kinda wanted to throw something at him.

But, I kept my cool because I was super relaxed. It was a great gift :)

We headed home and ate leftovers for lunch and rested. Then we went to Target! Mercy, I love that store. I got to shop, guilt-free! I got a handbag, earrings, 2 shirts, and some necessary kitchen items.

We headed back home and Lindsee came over and we sat on my couch and visited while we got ready to go to the big birthday event of the evening.

There's a local ministry here in Houston called Feed-A-Friend. Every evening, a team from Feed-a-Friend sets up some tables in a parking lot downtown and spends about an hour serving dinner to the homeless. And I decided that that is what I wanted to do for my birthday.

It was so much fun. There were about 60-70 people in line. I served hot dogs. Lindsee served shredded cheese. My parents and some of their friends were there. Grant handed out crackers for them to take with them. I met a man named Ray who told me that it was his birthday too! It was fun. It was a great way to spend my birthday.

I'm officially 27.



  1. And I officially STILL have your gift sitting on my bedroom floor. And I saw you twice this weekend. No excuse. I love you, you 27 year old, you.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! :)

    But I feel like I need to know which kitchen things you bought... Something cute like a popcorn maker or something really boring like measuring cups?

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday! That sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday evening :)

  4. i love that this is how you spent your birthday. love your heart. happy (belated) day!

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday!! Enjoy 27!

    By the way, 30 isn't so bad. I'm 6 months into my 30th year and it doesn't seem that much different than 29.