Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There Were Moments of Gold and There Were Flashes of Light

Saturday night I went to a karaoke birthday party.

Me and the birthday girl sang "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, but I then closed out the evening with a solo performance of "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" by Celine Dion.

There were fist pumps. There was foot stomping. There was eye closing and finger pointing. 

I belted it out. The VERY large bouncer gave me a fist bump when it was over and said "Ya do good, girl". 

Let's just enjoy this song:

SO MANY MOMENTS. It just gets better and better as it goes on and on. 

I love to belt out some Celine Dion. 


  1. I love me some Celine and all her drama!

  2. Celine is my absolute favorite. I wish I could have seen you belt it out my friend!

  3. I am SURE you belted this song out in A+ fashion. I can only imagine. Had to be fab.

    And now, I have some many comments about that video:

    1- Celine really likes scenes of herself running away apparently. I kinda think I would like to run away in a dress/coat thing that billows out behind me. Yes. Very dramatic and fun.

    2. There was quite a lot of that see-through ghost video technoloy going on. This video must have come out around the same time as "Ghost."

    3. The ghost motorcyclist driving down the stairs was maybe too much for me... as in I laughed a little. If there are ghosts, I hope none of them are doing this.

    4. In Celine's fantasy, I think she must be Belle, what with all the mirrors, candles, and that giant castle/palace.

    Yes, Celine likes the drama. ;)