Friday, August 19, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Jen Is Ready for the Fall

1. We have topped 100 degrees every single day this month. The heat is unbearable and I'm cranky. And the rest of the city is cranky too.

2. I am not so comfortable showing my legs because they are pasty but I've been wearing shorts and skirts all summer and I am just about over that.

3. I need my routine back. All the Fall schedules are about to "fall" into place and I am looking forward to that.

4. I get to start Kids' Choir again! I've missed my kiddos so much...

5. I feel like I could write an entire blog post about the Fall TV schedule. Oh my goodness. Grey's Anatomy. Modern Family. The Office. 30 Rock. How I Met Your Mother. Ellen. Criminal Minds. Law & Order SVU. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

6. I feel like I just look cuter in non-Summer clothes. Boots. Jeans. Sweaters. That's more my style.

7. I'd really like to step outside without my sunglasses steaming up.

8. All the flowers in my flower bed have been dead and crispy since June. And it's too hot to dig them up. So we're just letting them be dead and ugly until it cools down.

9. Ever since I quit my office job, I have taken over the "Chief Dog Walker" duties from Grant. I now walk Moxie 95% of the time. Part of me wonders if I should have held off on this until it cooled down because I don't think he's getting a sufficient walk with me. I let him pee and then we head right back inside.

10. Pumpkin spice candles, anyone?!? :) :)

Are you content with summer? Or are you ready for Fall, like me?


  1. SOOOO SO SO SO ready for fall. Even if we didn't have 100+ temps every. single. day. I would still be ready for fall. :)

  2. You forgot about the start of college and high school football (who cares about pro ball), apple cider and cinnamon spices, crunching acorns and leaves under your feet, church fall festivals, feeling like cooking soups and stews...I love the fall!

  3. My dogs walk consists of her chasing a kid in the backyard, or one of the kids running her to the stop sign and back. Gotta burn puppy energy AND Caleb energy somehow. :)

  4. I like to just stroll through hobby lobby and take in all the beautiful shades of Orange and brown, leaves and pumpkins, oh and they have these cute owls this year! But, don't wander too far back or you get to christmas land and it is just too blazin hot to even think about Christmas!

  5. That would be Amy Nabors, not Clint! My hubby does not go to hobby lobby and prefers that I not go either!