Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love Easter

On Thursday we decided that we would go to New Orleans for Easter. It worked out with our schedules, plus we could see the family and celebrate Grant's dad's birthday. So, we left bright and early Friday morning and headed East on I-10.

The drive was longer than usual, or so it seemed. The last time we made that drive was Christmastime and I was in my first trimester. This time,  I was 24 weeks pregnant, needing to pee every few hours, and unable to get comfortable. I don't think I was a very fun travel partner for my dear Grant :)

The weekend itself was great. Grant got to play golf, I got to spend a lot of time sitting at the breakfast table visiting with mom, we relaxed, we ate and ate and ate, and most of all, we played with babies!!

Evan, Emmy, and Olivia (and their awesome parents, too!) came Saturday and Sunday and they make me ever so happy. They were all feeling good and showing off their little personalities. I realized at the end of the weekend that I never saw any of them have a meltdown, misbehave, or even cry! And that's saying a lot for 3 babies age 3 and under.
Emmy, Olivia and Evan opening their eggs from Baba and Papa. They were filled with all kinds of goodies!

I love this Olivia Claire! And yes... that hair is for real. 

Evan Charles wearing his new sunglasses.
 All of my individual pictures of Emmy were a blur, literally. She doesn't stand still :) She walked around in her light up Cinderella shoes from Baba and wouldn't take them off. She is such a girly girl. Oh, I love her.

Grant was a happy boy. Saturday night we got in the car, drove to Sal's, and he got 5lbs of crawfish. And some root beer. And he PUT IT DOWN. 

Sunday morning we got up and went to church! It was a lovely Easter service. We so enjoyed this time and such a lovely morning to celebrate our Risen Savior. 
Please excuse the squinty-ness of this picture. But here we are Easter Sunday morning. All 3 of us!

We came back to the house and had a big family lunch. Gammy and Paw-Z came as well as Grant's cousin and his family. We had delicious food cooked by Mom. Roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli, bread, corn... I know I'm forgetting something. Oh, and leftover cake from Dad's birthday celebration the day before! After we were sufficiently stuffed, Grant told me it was time to pack up.

We put our Moxie dog in the car and started the long trip back to Houston. 

Clearly, I got Instagram and I'm having fun with it :)

The drive home was more comfortable than the drive there. I was well fed and well rested :) We stopped and got munchies and Grant was very shocked at my choices. Fudge cookies, Cheeto Puffs, and Diet Coke and Vitamin Water. I'm ever so healthy.

It really was a great weekend that was over WAY too quickly.

My parents spent Easter in Austin with Juliet and Scarlett. Are they not darling?!

Hope you had a very Happy Easter with you and yours!

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