Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Never Even Got the Mail

I went to check the mail this afternoon. 

I brought my phone with me to take a picture... I'm doing this April "Photo a Day" thing where you kinda document your life by photographs. Every day, I'm given a subject to shoot. Today's subject was "mail" so I was bringing my phone with me. 

I walked out the door and a happy, sweet little terrier ran up to my feet. 

I looked around, didn't see an owner. I went in and got Moxie's leash so he wouldn't run off. He was so sweet and happy. He looked well kept and clean. I figured he probably ran out of someone's backyard or front door. 

And then came the sister.

Yes, a sweet, old lady lab came up and said hi to me too. They were clearly together as they seemed to know each other. And she was so calm and kind and happy to see me. 

I'm a sucker for sweet doggies.

Grant brought out another leash and some water. 

And then we got to walking. 

We walked a LOT. We went around to several of our neighbors who own dogs and walk their dogs a lot to see if anyone recognized them. After knocking on 3 or 4 doors, one neighbor said she thought she had seen them in another part of the neighborhood.

We walked to the other section (it's a big neighborhood, y'all) and asked random people who happened to be in their driveways if they happened to recognize them.

Just as we were about to give up and leave them in our backyard for the night, one family said "I think they live in that house right there" and pointed right across the street.

And then we found their family :)

They said their names were Chloe and Charlie and they had been out since lunch time. 

We enjoyed the walk, as long as it was.

AND, the owner's son works at Firehouse Subs and said if we come in and ask for him, he'll give us our meal for free :) 

Free sandwiches? WORTH IT.

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