Thursday, January 16, 2014

An Update on All the Goals

My first blog post of 2014 was about my goals. If you scroll down a bit, you can read it. It is January 16th and I'd like to pat myself on the back. We are SIXTEEN DAYS into the year and guns are blazing, y'all!

Let's take a brief inventory:

1. I have read 2 books! Divergent and Insurgent, the first 2 books in a trilogy. I am well into book 3, Allegiant. I HIGHLY recommend. After this trilogy I'm open to suggestions... please leave them in the comments.

2. I have been staying on top of the laundry. The laundry will not be the boss of me in 2014. YOU WILL NOT WIN, LAUNDRY.

3. Organization, y'all. I think I've finally made the decision that I just can't live like this anymore. It is a stressful way of life. And, let's face it, life is stressful enough as it is, right? My mom came over on Monday (she is the queen of getting things accomplished) and she helped me get a grip on Ellie's toys and on her closet. You guys. It's like a whole new world over here. Every toy has a home and her closet is beautiful and clean. And, today is Thursday, and I've kept everything clean the whole week. Multiple days in a row of keeping things going means I am starting a new habit. Since Monday, I have been taking on my own organization projects and I am kicking down doors and taking names. I've filed all our paperwork in a new filing system, created a workspace for myself, cleaned up the utility room, and cleared the kitchen countertops. Watch out!!

Also, I would like to also add that as of today I have an eighteen month old and she is ever so busy. And sometimes she makes getting work done a little bit difficult. And I'd like to add that during my cleaning of the countertops she watched 3 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in a row so that I could work. You do what you got to do, people.

I still have a lot to do, and I'm pretty sure this blog qualifies as tooting my own horn.... but THIS LEVEL OF PRODUCTIVITY IS RARE IN THIS HOME, Y'ALL.

Grant has been gone for a week. It has been hard and THIS MAMA IS DING DONG DANG TIRED and his flight was delayed tonight and this is torture. I miss my man. I'm very eager to see his reaction when he sees all the work that's been done around here. I am also eager to see his reaction to all the things that are now in the garage that he has to take up to the attic.

But, for now, I will watch American Idol.... because, y'all.... HARRY CONNICK JR.

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  1. Unbroken. Phenomenal can't put it down kind of book.

    Agatha Christie books never disappoint.