Monday, January 27, 2014

Mama Needed a Break

Girlfriends are precious. Seriously. And when they move all over the state of Texas and we don't see each other anymore and we all have babies and we go crazy... sometimes we need a break. And so we take one together and it rocks your whole world.

This past weekend, I met up with some girls in Fredericksburg, Texas for what we called a "Whine Free Wine Weekend." Between the 6 of us we have 4 boys, 4 girls... all ages 4 and under. We are a tired group. Blessed, but tired. We NEEDED THIS.

We stayed in a sweet little house and had a 2 day slumber party. Friday night we got there and went out to dinner at Hondo.

We took a little selfie on our way out the door!
Finally reunited with my Elizabeth! Dallas is too far away!

This place was so cute. There was a live band, a whole bunch of adorable senior citizens two-stepping, and a dog bowl of queso.


We got back to the house and promptly got into comfy clothes and got down to business: TALKING. Laughing. Sharing what's going on in our lives, what's on our hearts, what we're struggling with, and encouraging one another. 

Saturday we slept in and when we got up we leisurely made breakfast and drank coffee and chatted some more as we got ready while no small children bothered us. Grin.

Our sweet friend Liz joined us Saturday. Liz has a brand new baby girl so she couldn't be gone the whole weekend but it worked out for her to come  up for most of Saturday and we were so glad she did! We packed a picnic basket and headed to Grape Creek Winery for lunch and a tour!

On the tram headed down to the tour.

Liz, me and Sarah

Elizabeth, Trish & Hayley

There were no babies on this trip, with the exception of sweet baby Pierce, due in March. I got to feel him kick a few times. Nothing like it. Isn't she beautiful?

It was so fun, educational, and the wine was amazing. After the tour, we sat outside and talked some more. Tears flowed a time or two, both from intense laughing and intense crying. Girls are emotional creatures!

Meanwhile, my sweet husband was at home with my pumpkin girl all weekend. They had a great time. He sent me this picture. The wardrobe choice is.... interesting. Sweet mercy. 

Back in Fredericksburg, we headed back to the house to freshen up before dinner and Liz had to leave us. She headed back to her sweet baby Olivia and the rest of us headed out to shop in town and then walked to Pasta Bella for Italian food. If it's a girls' weekend, you gotta carb up.

After dinner we walked around town a bit more and then headed back to the house. Oh, Saturday night might have been my favorite. We sat in bed, the fire was on in the fireplace, and we talked about ridiculous things, very serious things, there was a small dance party, we even had a time of prayer. Seriously, these girls rock my socks off. We all cried and the tissues had to be passed around. Then we busted out the munchies and watched Steel Magnolias. My kind of girls night! 

The next morning, we took our time and enjoyed breakfast and coffee.

Sarah and Elizabeth in the kitchen.

We really had such a wonderful time. 

The house.

Me and my driving buddy, Trish.

It was such a sweet time of sisterhood and relaxation.
I came home refreshed, rejuvenated, and encouraged. I am so, so thankful for these precious friends and how they love me so well. I'm thankful to Grant (and all of our husbands) for watching all our kids this weekend.And I'm thankful to God for bringing us together, blessing our time with one another and filling our cups. He is so faithful.

Till next year, ladies!!

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  1. This is seriously the best. I may have Insta-stalked all weekend and smiled right along with you and your girls because there is NOTHING like time away with your people who understand you the most!

    I'm also completely hooked on this weekend replicated for my bachelorette party in Sepetember-- would you be up for emailing me (katiebelle85! all of the details? Legit from the house you stayed in to the restaurant with the DOG BOWL of queso (what wedding diet?)-- I just want to fold Fredericksburg up and tuck it in my pocket, and bring it to Boston with me.