Sunday, January 12, 2014

Red Carpet Recap: Golden Globes 2014


Welcome. Welcome to the Golden Globes of the year 2014. 
Hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the opening monologue did not disappoint. And neither did the fashion choices.

This is Allison Williams. I am just as skinny as she is, so there is nothing remarkable about this picture. My neck is very thin and long like that, and my arms are all long and lean. Just like her. It's like we're twins. Bony little twins. 

I love me some Amy Adams. And I loved her acceptance speech. And I loved this color on her. And I loved her hair. And I loved her enormous diamond necklace. (Yes, there is a necklace there. No, look lower. THERE it is.)

Look at the Bacon family! Aren't they darling? Their daughter, Sosie, was Miss Golden Globe and her dress is just beautiful. Excellent choice!

I feel like it's been awhile since we've seen Kate Beckinsale? And I feel like she looked different than usual? Did anyone else notice that her face looks different? Anyways, she is still mega-gorgeous and this dress is mega-impressive. 

I'm not into this. 

I always feel like Cate Blanchett stepped right out of a different era. Timeless beauty.

The camera started at her head and I thought "oh she looks so pretty" and then it panned down and I thought "oh, she chose pink, interesting" and then it panned down and I thought "oooh, black" and then it panned down to the blue and I said out loud "Wait, what?" 

 The dress is very romantic but the hair and makeup is very rock star. Those two things contradict one another. Maybe that was intentional. Anyways, congrats to the newlywed!

This was the first image I saw of Zooey and I thought she looked like she could be on a menu for a Mexican restaurant. 

And then I started wanting chips and queso.
And tamales.
And maybe a flauta.

I really don't know how I feel about this, to be honest with you.What do you think? I just don't know.

Drew Barrymore looks so pregnant and happy and this dress looks like Valentines Day.

She is so talented. And she was so funny on stage with her martini and her high heels. This dress is a little too mother-of-the-bride but she has worn worse. The gold is pretty on her!

It's like she said "I want to wear my robe and my yoga pants. I'll just turn my robe around. Yay!'

I love Giuliana, oh yes oh yes I doooooooo

Hayden surprised me tonight. She always hits it out of the park but tonight I was underwhelmed. And I wasn't feeling the hair.

Okay. This woman. She won a Golden Globe tonight. And she took her dear sweet time coming up to the stage. As my friend Tiffany put it, "She could have gone through the lobby and around the back, into a broom closet, then back out." Then, when she got up there, she just awkwardly flip-flopped between silence and rambling. I felt like I was watching a Kristin Wiig SNL skit. She wouldn't get off the stage. It was just bizarre. 

She's pretty and she makes me laugh.

And I thoroughly enjoyed her earrings.

I feel like he didn't know what to do with his hands.

I really, really, REALLY liked this.

Hair and makeup: flawless. Dress: lovely. White dress shirt under the dress: Not necessary. 

She's cute.

I hardly recognized Karen Walker!

Mila is very mad at someone. 

Look at Lady Edith, all dressed up! Isn't she beautiful!? Do you think she'll move to Germany? DON'T GO, LADY EDITH!!

It's good to see Lady Mary up and about, finally leaving the house. She finally took Carson's advice. 

This dress is a very happy color.

I admit that I do not know who this is but SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Her skin. I die. 

I also don't know who this is but her dress is amazing. The hair. The makeup. All of it. She is stunning.

Leslie Mann - this is not a super jaw-dropping dress but it is gorgeous and she looks gorgeous in it. 

I am really enjoying this prom pose. 

I think she is so pretty. And what a fun color!

Isn't she darling?! She looks so happy. COME BACK TO ME, OLIVIA POPE, I MISS YOU.

This dress looked a little like the side of a fish to me, but still, she's gorgeous and I totally looked this beautiful when I was pregnant. 

If I was wearing this I would be SO irritated. "Oh, hi, whoever is calling my name. I can't see you because you are standing on my left side and when I look to the left I just see this hot mess of fabric."

I just needed this dress to be a little longer. And different shoes, please.

Amy Poehler is on my dream celebrity dinner list.

This dress reminded me of a dress in Sixteen Candles. Think of Samantha's sister's wedding dress. And then imagine it in this color. And there you go. 

Like Hayden, Sarah Hyland always gets an A+ on the Red Carpet. But tonight, I felt like something was missing. Like some mascara.

My husband looks more and more like Seth Meyers all the time. 

I'm very proud of Sofia for venturing out and choosing a different cut. I thought this was lovely on her!

Loved this dress. Love the length of her hair. 

I loved the dress Tina wore on stage, not this one so much. But, she looks so beautiful and she is also on my celebrity dinner guest list!

BEAUTIFUL. I know this is plain and simple, but when you're only a presenter you don't need to wear anything overwhelming (I'm talking to you, Paula Patton) and this color is perfection on her. 

Tell me your thoughts! Thanks for reading :)

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