Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello, September!

It's September the 1st, y'all! I am thrilled about this. Fall is coming which means cooler temperatures are coming which means better clothes and routines. Ellie starts "school" tomorrow, 2 days a week, so I have lots of projects that are going to get done and I'm thrilled about that :)

We had a great Labor Day today! We spent the morning together as a family and then Grant used his day off to golf and dove hunt (it's opening day of Dove Season... this is big news around here!) while Ellie and I went out to Cypress to see the grandparents. My grandmother, Mamaw, was there as well. Jaclyn and the kids stopped by to say hello and brought a special gift: Cousin Grace's old dress up clothes.

I'd like to thank my sister for saving me hundreds of dollars as we are now in possession of Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White dresses. While Ellie isn't into dress up just yet, I know it is only a matter of time. And now I have all these fancy dresses. We put the Rapunzel one on her today and it was a big hit.

I'm not gonna lie... seeing her in this made me a little bit giddy.

Mamaw brought the kids some recorders. Ellie and Dean had a blast. And our ears were hurting. Ellie was adamant that Dean continue to play at all times. "Dean! Play your flute!"

In other news, my dog is special. I found him like this tonight... his dog bed had been temporarily moved so the floors could be swept... and he was pretty determined to get in his bed at all costs. Butt in the air. Whatever. Moxie doesn't mind. He just wanted his bed.

He's such a weirdo.

Anyways, now we're watching the finals of American Ninja Warrior and I'm working on my calendar for the week and all the planning and such. Organization is my game plan for the week :)

Happy September, y'all!

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