Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Ellie's Been Up To

One thing I love about this blog is the ability to go back and read old posts and see what life was like in certain seasons. And right now, we are in the season of a very busy 2 year old who would very much like to rule this roost. She is so much fun and she is HILARIOUS. So, for your entertainment and my documentation, I thought I'd give you a little Ellie update.

Ellie Paige

Age: 2 years, 2 months.

Weight: About 21 lbs.

Favorite Foods: 
"Green crunchies" (a veggie chip from Whole Foods)
French Fries
"Big Mana" (Mana is a banana, Big Mana is a banana that I do not cut into small pieces, but give to her whole)
"Vitamin-nins" (She loves to take her vitamins and wants to eat them like a snack. She gets upset with me that she only gets 2 per day!)
"Circle" (Circle is Yogurt. She calls it circle because the container the yogurt comes in is the shape of a circle)

Favorite Activities:
"Makin' gwapes" (playing with play-doh. We "make grapes" with the purple play-doh)
Playing with her heart bangle bracelets
Playing in her kitchen
Putting things in and out of her toy shopping cart
Reading books
Taking care of her baby dolls, putting them to bed

Favorite Shows:
Bubble Guppies (duh)
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Curious George (she calls it "Cush George")
Zack & Quack
Super Why!

We are just now introducing her to some movies. She LOVES the "Despicable Me" Minions and she will sit and watch that while CRACKING UP. (I also am highly entertained by the Minions, so I'm glad that she and I share that sense of humor.) She also really likes "A Bug's Life". Last night I introduced her to "Cinderella" for the first time and she was pretty mesmerized.  (Little tip.... if you have a DVR, scroll over in your guide to see what Disney Channel, Disney Jr, or ABC Family are airing on the weekends. Sometimes they will show a Disney movie (or several!) and I like to record those for Ellie to watch later. Last weekend I recorded Tangled, Brave, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland to save for a rainy day!)

Favorite Songs:
"Shake-ih Opp" (Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off")
"Rainbow Song" - Hillsong Kids
"Mah-Gozzo-Big" (My God is so Big!)

Other little things she is saying and doing:

1. She eats a "popsi-sicle" with her Daddy pretty much every day and it melts me. 
2. She loves to stay in her bed for awhile in the mornings. She calls me in there and gives me a hug and a kiss, but then she wants to just lay there for awhile. She'll say "No, Mommy, I stay in bed."
3. She LOVES music and dancing. It's her very most favorite thing. She does a little move I call "The Elbow Dance" because there is a lot of elbow movement.
4. She goes to school 2 days a week and is doing well. She has a lot to tell me about it after I pick her up. She does not nap at school, but they tell me that she lays there very quietly and rests, she just doesn't go to sleep.
5. She has some pink rain boots she likes to wear all the time, no matter the season or temperature or weather.
6. She uses poop as a manipulation tool. "Mommy! I poop! Change-a-dahper!" she says in her crib. I will go in and quickly determine that she did not poop. Then she'll say "Hi Mommy!"
7. She gives compliments. "Oooh, I like yo dress!" (She said this when I was wearing a really, really large oversized t-shirt to bed one night.) Or a few nights ago, we had a sweet babysitter come over wearing a colorful headband. Ellie saw her headband and said "Oooh, I like yo rainbow!"

Little phrases:
"Show me"
"Lemme See!"
"No. That's Ellie's!"
"Ohhhhhh, he's cuuute!"
"Oh, Crackers!" (She says this when something goes wrong.)
"Where'd it go? I dunno!"
"Hello _______, my name Ellie!" (this is usually said to non-living things, such as rain and tables)
"Foyyow me!" (Follow me!)

Any door or cabinet is called an "Open Close". Our front door is called the "Open Close" and kitchen cabinets are also called "Open Close".

She can identify a few letters of the alphabet (thanks Super Why!), specifically B, W, I, T and P. 

She can count up to 13, but she will still always skip the number 4. 

One thing she has been doing lately that makes me laugh is singing songs but making up her own lyrics. She keeps the tune of the song, but changes the words. For instance, she'll sing "Happy Birthday to you..." but she'll focus on what she's eating at the moment. So, if she's got a plate full of grapes: "Happy Gwapes, gwapes, my GWAPES!!! Happy Gwapes, gwapes, gwapes, GWAPES! I love gwapes, i love GWAPES! Happy gwapes to you!"

Okay, I'm rambling now and I'm sure there are more things I can think of, but I'll save those for another blog. 

Have a very happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hey, new friend! Thought I'd hop over and show you some blog love! ;) You forgot that Ellie likes to scoop goldfish for dayyyyysssss. ;)