Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Diamonds and Candles and Nasal Congestion

I feel like I absolutely have to blog this very minute because Ellie is at school and Jack is sleeping and the house is quiet and I have a very rare opportunity at this moment to post something here. Also, the last few weeks/months I've really been slacking on posting here so this is way overdue!

I've got some things to say:

1. My mom told me about this cool candle called the Diamond Candle. I think it's such a fun gift idea... you burn a candle and as the wax gets lower you find a little ziploc bag with a ring inside! See?

Is this a giant diamond ring from my husband or a cheap fake from a Snickerdoodle candle? I'll let you decide. 

2. This is a pic of my kids at roughly the same age. I find them to be identical sometimes. Munchkin loves. The little noses.

3. Speaking of little noses.... my little Jackers has had a rough several days of nasal congestion. We've elevated mattresses, suctioned (the nose frida is a disgusting and magical tool) and run the humidifier every night. Any other suggestions? It's just the saddest thing.

This is what he's doing right this very minute:

Little known fact about Jack: He REALLY likes to sleep with blankets or lovies next to his face. I first noticed it when he was a newborn. He'd take the burp cloth from my shoulder and cover his face with it. Then the stroller blanket. Anytime he's near a couch pillow or someone's sweater, he immediately falls asleep as soon as it is near his cheek. I realize this is frowned upon by the American Board of Pediatrics so I don't need you to remind me of that ( I monitor it closely!) but I think it's pretty sweet. It might even be hereditary as I do like to sleep with my entire body and head under the covers. I think if I allowed it he would do the very same thing! 

He was in the bouncy seat and was kinda squirmy and cranky but I could tell he was tired. I put the fox next to his cheek and I guarantee you he was asleep within 15 seconds. 

4. I'm super addicted to a new show on TLC. A few weeks ago my friend Laura (hey Lulu!) texted me to ask if I'm watching Long Lost Family on TLC. The show follows people who gave up children for adoption and are looking for them and also children that were given up for adoption and are looking for their birth parents. I think only 4 episodes have aired so far and I AM OBSESSED. It's amazing and I get a good cry in during each episode.  For all my other ancestry nerd friends, set your DVR's for Sunday nights. Thank for the tip, Laura dear!

Any other new shows I should be watching?

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