Tuesday, March 22, 2016

There's Some New Stuff Going on Over Here

Well, Spring Break is over and I just dropped this little sunshine girl off at school. 

She was SO HAPPY to go back. We had a fun, eventful week but my love bug thrives on routine and structure so she was so glad to get back into the swing of things. 

She had a little incident almost two weeks ago. She was jumping on the couch (which she knows she shouldn't be doing) and then she slipped and face planted into the coffee table. I'll spare you the gory pics, but let's just say I ran into Grant's office while he was on the phone with my hands covered in blood and said YOU NEED TO GET OFF THE PHONE NOW. Blood was everywhere, Ellie was screaming, Jack was crying because I dared to put him down to deal with his sister, and I was fairly certain she might have knocked out a tooth. I wasn't sure on that because she refused to let me see into her mouth. It was a lovely scene. 

But Daddy makes everything better. 

Aside from a giant, fat lip with a pretty gnarly gash, all was well. We went to her pediatric dentist who took a few x-rays and confirmed that her front tooth was pushed back a little bit but it is not loose and there shouldn't be any long term damage, especially since it's a baby tooth. We're all just glad it's over. It sounded and looked a lot scarier than it actually was!

Last weekend Ellie finally got her first haircut. Y'all, she is three and a half years old and has never had a proper haircut. I have no excuses other than to say I'm emotionally attached to her hair. 

She did so great! I was nervous that she would freak out but she did okay. We just trimmed it and most people can't even really tell the difference... but it looks so much healthier. 

I recently discovered Snap Chat because I am late to most parties but the filters on that thing are endlessly entertaining to 3 year olds. 

We belly laughed for 30 minutes straight. 

If you're on Snapchat, you can follow me there - my name is jennydawntx. It's mostly "day in the life" stuff over there. I'm having fun with it! 

We got a new stroller for the kids - a sit and stand kind so Ellie can hop on and off. She loves it. I went to the rodeo with my mom, sister, niece and nephew last week and we got to try it out. Jack sat up in the front for the first time and it was so dang cute. 

I am obsessed with him. 

Sister had a good time too!

Another new development is that the kids are bathing together now! Jack has his own personal tub within the tub. 

We were bathing him in the sink but he is a very intense splasher in the bath and the whole countertop would get soaked every time we bathed him. And I would get soaked too. It was all kinds of fun. But Ellie loves having him in the bath. He still kicks very aggressively but at least all the splashes are contained. 

And another new thing? THIS!


Oatmeal is totally his jam. 

Y'all - when this kid even has a bottle he drinks it very violently. Yes, violently. He kicks and grabs my hair and pulls me in and squeezes the burp cloth and makes loud noises. He loves food and I know he gets that from his mama. It's super funny to watch. 

He's screaming at me now like he has never had a meal before in his whole life so I gotta go. 
Have a great week, my friends!

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