Thursday, March 3, 2016

What's Been Going On Around Here

I realized the other day that it's been awhile since I've done a regular ol' life update here on the blog -

Nothing all that exciting has been going on - life has gotten back to a regular routine - as much as possible with 2 littles in the house - and we are trying to get Jack on a daily schedule. Grant started a new job on February 1 (same role, different company) so he's been busy fully immersing himself into that. Otherwise we've been playing with our babies, spending time with our family, our church family, our friends, and trying to catch up on sleep. 

Another new development is the YMCA - we've joined as a family and I've been so thrilled with it. The childcare is great and I have really liked taking some group exercise classes. However, I took my first cycle class last night and I may never recover. I was almost in tears during the class - not because my legs hurt but because the seat was KILLING ME. I also took a Body Pump class the other day - and for whatever reason in my mind I thought it was going to be like a Tae Bo type of class but instead it was basically an hour of weightlifting set to music. So, yeah, that was a shock.... Zumba was fun though!

Here'a  few pics of life lately!

This Bubba is getting BIG! I grow a little more obsessed with him every single day. He's a chubbster - much bigger than his sister was at this stage. Tomorrow he will be 4 months old and he is in 6 month clothing. 

I found an old Ellie picture the other day the caption said that she was about to be 8 months old and was still in 3-6 month clothing. Jack is probably twice the size she was when she was 4 months! I love how different they are from each other already. 

Speaking of the girl, she is getting so big too, but in a totally different way. She's still tiny, but she's growing up so much. 

She's really into making little art and pictures lately. She calls them all "my masterpiece!" and she is finally drawing things that I can actually tell what they are. A sunshine, a rainbow, a jellyfish... it's crazy to see her take pen to paper (or marker to paper, to be more specific) and see her decide to draw a jelly fish in the water and I look at it and don't have to just smile and nod at her. I can see it! 

She's such a good big sister. She still calls him "My Little Gooski Man" and we have no idea where that came from. Gooski. 

However, it has resulted in a new little nickname we've started calling him: Goose. So we've always called her Bug, and I'm wondering if "Goose" is going to stick. Bug and Goose. How we got Bug and Goose from Ellie and Jack I'll never really know :)

Here's that goose. 

The fuzzy little hairs. The chubby wrists. 

He has a new habit - I lay him on his back and he IMMEDIATELY flips over to his tummy. But then, he can't go back to his back for some reason and he gets really mad. So we're just having a ton of tummy time which really limits how long I can lay him down and get chores done because he only tolerates the tummy for so long. However, before I know it he is going to be mobile (gulp!) and so I'm thankful for tummy time for a little while longer.

He is finally sleeping well, consistently. I give him his last bottle around 7pm, he falls right to sleep, and then he wakes up for another bottle around 5am. Usually he will go back to sleep after that for about another hour or two but not always. Regardless, I'll take it! I've gotten my evenings back and I'm really thankful for that. 

Yesterday I was so overwhelmed by how much he really does look like his sister. I went back and found an old pic to do a side by side comparison and THE GENES ARE STRONG WITH THESE ONES. Oh, my babies...

Lastly, today is Rodeo Day at Ellie's school so everyone got all fancy in their Western Wear. She was so excited this morning to have pigtails and a "Big Danna" and a cowboy hat. She was quite disappointed that I did not provide her with a lasso. 

I asked her why she wants a lasso.
"I gonna CATCH people and PUT 'EM IN DA JAIL! TIE 'EM UP!"

We're having fun around here, that's for sure. 

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