Monday, October 15, 2007

A Little Update....

Well, the hubby and I had a very nice weekend. Grant's parents drove in from New Orleans Friday evening. We just visited and went on to bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel (YUM) and Grant and his dad played golf while his mom and I went shopping.... holla!

I used my Ann Taylor gift card that my sister, Shannon, gave me for my birthday back in August. I got TWO shirts. (Okay, so I spent a little more than my gift card supplied!). THEN I went to Nine West and bought these really cute little brown loafer type shoes. They are perfect for work, and for fall! I am a major fan of Nine West, especially because they are one of the few stores that consistently carry size 5's. Being a size 5 woman is hard, cause no one carries your size! But they are really cute.

Then we stopped at Lifeway and I finally bought Beth Moore's Jesus: 90 Days With the One and Only. I have been wanting this book for a long time and I finally bought it. I've already done days one and two and I am SO excited to learn more about the life of Jesus. I am eager to see what He is going to do in my life through this book!

Yesterday morning we went to church, had some pretty good mexican food for lunch, and then headed to our newest obsession: house hunting. Ladies, we are looking for houses, AND I think we found one! We would have to build it, but the price is right and the house is ADORABLE. We are probably meeting with a mortgage company this week to see if we could get approved for the loan, so please pray!

This would be our first house and so this is all so new and scary for us. (Personally, I can't believe we are old enough to be doing this!). I will post pictures of the model house as soon as I get a chance!

So I have to make fun of myself a little bit. Yesterday afternoon after we got home from looking at the house, I laid down to take a nap. I was laying in our bed, on top of the covers, with just a little blanket over my legs. Well, I could hear my cell phone ringing in the kitchen, so I was kinda startled and was trying to get up to answer it. I rolled over to get out of the bed, but I didn't realize how close to the edge I was! I rolled right off the bed! And to make matters worse, my legs were all tangled up in the blanket so I couldn't really plant my feet well. AND to make matters worse, in the big fat middle of my falling down, I pulled a muscle in my leg. So I went down with a boom, Grant comes running and I am laying on the side of the bed, hardly awake, startled, and crying cause my leg was hurting. My sweet husband literally sat beside me and prayed for me. Haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful week! Love you ladies!


  1. A HOUSE?!?!? I just might wet myself. I mean, I know we takled about it, but this is so official. Oh my, all my girls are so grown up!!!! :)


  2. I so want to read that next - once I finish "Get Out of That Pit"! I just adore Beth Moore :) Good luck with all of your house... things!!

  3. ok..i am CRACKING UP that you fell out of the bed. I love it. If I were there we would have been doing that laugh that is so intense that no noise actually comes out.

  4. Wow you had an eventful weekend. - shopping, buying, and falling!
    I have to admit I did chuckle when I read the falling out of bed part only because I could visualize myself doing the same thing :)
    The house building is so exciting!!
    We built our house here and we had a great time! You never feel old enough - trust me. Wait until they put a baby in your arms and call you mommy :) WOW!!
    Talk about leaving you speechless!