Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lindsee Lou

Many of my blog readers also frequent the blog of Lindsee Lou. (If you haven't been there, I have linked her there on the left. You should go there, it is fun). However, what some of you many not know is that she is my best friend!

Lindsee and I grew up together. And I could not mean that more literally. I do not remember not knowing her. We were toddlers together and went on up from there. We were always involved in the same activities and church functions. She is like family to me and I love her and her precious heart!

One thing that blogland does not get to experience, however, is her "Lindseeisms". You see, sometimes Linds' mouth gets a little ahead of her brain, and sometimes things come out a little wrong. (In her blogs, she is typing so everything comes out crystal clear). Allow me to give a few examples of the times when things don't come out so clear.

Lindsee and I were out running errands together when I stepped out of the car to get something in a store. I got back in the car just as Lindsee was hanging up the phone with Sally, who we were meeting in a few minutes. This is the conversation that followed:
Lindsee: "Okay, so Sally called, and that's why she called".
Jen: "Okay... I'm gonna need the middle part of that story"

She also has her own words, like when her allergies are acting up, she says she is feeling "Allergetic". For reals. It's part of me and Joanna's vocabulary now.

She went through a phase in highschool when she would say "Lindsee es muy consada" about 45 times a day.

She likes to say "parched" and "famished" instead of thirsty and hungry.

My most favorite though, (which I just remembered recently) happened our senior year of highschool. We were at camp for the weekend. A very sad event occured there, however, as we had just discovered that a VERY close family friend of both me and Lindsee had very unexpectedly passed away. We cried all night. Later that night we went back to our cabin to go to sleep. I was in the top bunk and Lindsee was sleeping in the bunk bed directly below me. I remember thinking all night and crying off and on and just being so sad for our friend. I heard Lindsee sniffling and moving around below me so I decided to see if she was awake... this is the conversation that followed:

Jen (whispering): "Linds, are you awake?"
Linds (whispering): "Yeah, are you?"
Jen: silence.....
Linds (whispering): "Oh wait, that was a dumb question!"

Girls, on that very sad evening we giggled into our pillows for 15 minutes. The cabin was full of other sleeping girls and we were trying to contain ourselves. I remember thinking in my head how thankful I was to laugh with my best friend during such a sad moment. We almost peed our pants!

She was the maid of honor in my wedding.... and now we live a whole state apart!! And to make matters worse, our precious Joanna (the 3rd musketeer) lives in MONTANA now! And our 4th bestie, Sally Ann is moving to NORTH AFRICA at the end of this month. We are all so spread out, but I am so so thankful for my friends.

I am so glad that everyone in blogland gets to see her precious heart and joyful spirit. She truly is a treasure to me and everyone that knows her!! (P.S. We spent 10 minutes cracking up on the phone today trying to decide how you pronounce "meme"- so if anyone could shed some light, we'd greatly appreciate it!)



  1. this is hilarious! i especially loved the allergetic part.. bc i definitely use that word now also! oh sweet lindsee.. you just gotta love her!

  2. Ok that is some fun times!!
    I love my BFF Julie - we have known each other since we were 9 and what funny things we know about one another.
    Lindsee said you were talking about me today and I have to say that you both make me laugh and tonight I caught myself thinking "I have to go check on my girls Jen and Lindsee" - hehe
    I look forward to meeting both of you in August and giving you a BIG hug!
    Oh and I pronounce it "me me" :)
    Love ya,

  3. Oh my. Once again in the computer lab laughing out loud. This is ridiculous.

    I love you, my precious best friend. And this post made my YEAR!! Yes, my YEAR!!

    And Kim, I'm glad to know you say "me me" because that's how I say it. But, we were def. tickled at that word.

    I love you, Jen. More than you could possibly ever know.


  4. oh wow i didn't even know allergetic wasn't a real word! I feel like everyone is saying it! probably because of lindsee! her phrases catch on! hilarious!

  5. I've always pronounced it "meem" ... but that's just me!! :P What a special friendship you two have. That's such a gift.