Friday, October 19, 2007

Heading to Texas

Friday is here! AND.... tonight we're going to TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart.

It's gonna be a short trip. You see, my dear friend Laura is getting married next month, and I am a bridesmaid. This weekend is one of her showers, and I haven't been able to make alot of things for her wedding since I am in Louisiana, but I really wanted to come to a shower! So we will get there late tonight, and tomorrow morning is the shower (at my mom's house). I'm really excited for Grant because he gets to play golf with some of his old college buddies. He hasn't seen them in a really long time and he is so happy!

Anyways, we are gonna try to get out as early as possible. It's a 5 hour drive and if we leave too late we don't get there till midnightish.

Love to all!

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  1. your picture pops up, it seems, on every blog i read...
    heather...lindsee...and i could go on and you know brooke brandon? she's my daughter from TAMU and now a missionary in is such a small world...the first church i stepped foot in was The Chapel when I attended LSU and God so intervened and wooed me there through CCC and...special place for me...the are such a delight to many reading your comments...keep on being a light to many in Baton Rouge...