Monday, October 29, 2007

Ode to Healthy Eating

Oh, health food
How conflicted I am
How confused

You are better for me
Yet, you taste so awful

how reduced fat nilla wafers
taste like cardboard
they are not sweet

how real nilla wafers
taste like a box of sunshine

Macaroni and Cheese
is comfort
so yummy
so perfectly cheesy
and yet
the skinny people
tell me you are evil
I do not believe it
I will never leave your side
I've got the blue box blues

Popcorn with no butter
Who wants you?
You are dry
You have no flavor
You are incomplete

Last night
I had a turkey sandwich
on whole wheat bread
with a cup of fat free yogurt
I finished it
And I was still starving

Why healthy food? Why?

If your are so good for me

Why don't you taste good?


  1. I... I think I love you.

    (Said as I scarf my second fun-size Kit Kat of the day)

  2. HEHE so true if you are healthy why don't you taste good.
    I have started cooking healthier and my hubby said "I dont think this is as good as the other stuff you make" LOL!!!
    Yes b/c it is healthy of you!
    Thanks for the sweet post on my blog and HAPPY 10 month anniversary. My hubby surprised me with that and made me cry!
    He really is such a great guy.
    Have a great day!
    Love ya,