Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just when I thought things were about as hectic as they could be, I was wrong :)

I sure am thankful that I got a raise, because two of my co-workers have VERY unexpectedly left the company since Tuesday. These 2 people just so happen to be my "team mates" and so I am now doing 3 jobs on top of my own. I am frazzled and frantic but I just have to remember that no one is expecting me to be perfect. My mom keeps reminding me of that FedEx commercial where that guy is sitting in his office, bored to tears, and he just keeps yelling "Busy Busy Bee!!". I have been saying that to my co-workers all day as I've walked back and forth from office to office. :) I just kinda expect to much of myself right away. My bosses have been great about reminding me that they are just thankful for whatever I can do. They will be hiring atleast one new person by next week, but I still have to train that person, etc. But, my husband took me shopping tonight (Ann Taylor is my best friend) and I ate some yummy waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A.... so I'm pretty sure things are looking up!

Besides the crazy stuff happening at work, I am so thankful for the way God has been blessing me this week! We met our kids for the firs time at High 5 Kid's Choir. We were expecting around 80 children and were SHOCKED when 150 SHOWED UP!!! It was pretty much mass chaos and I loved every minute of it. Due to the overwhelming amount of Pre-K/Kindergarten children, I helped lead a room for that age group. My favorite part of the evening was when I asked the kids if any of them played an instrument. Several shouted out "Piano!" or "Violin!". But my favorite was a little boy who told me he played "the radio". Smart kid! :)

Then I went to our first meeting of the Gathering Singers, our worship choir. On our first night we were already busting out with some ROCKIN harmonies! I am so glad that I can get to know new people AND continue to worship the Lord in the way I love the most!

On a more serious note.... I have a prayer request. Three years ago, Grant's parents lost the vast majority of their home due to Hurricane Katrina. We were supposed to go visit this weekend but his parents are evacuating due to Hurricane Gustav. Seeing as how it took them well over a year to be completely back in their home, we are praying praying PRAYING that Gustav spares their house this time around. Please pray for safety for all involved. We will keep you updated!

And I am now off to bed so that I can be ready for my three jobs in the morning :)


  1. Hey Jen,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog in amidst your busyness! Things have been manic here too! That is such good news about your raise, and an unexpected blessing too- they're always the best kind aren't they.

    Sorry, I missed your birthday, hope you had a lovely day chick!

    I will try harder to keep updated with you girl!

    Nat x

  2. Woo Hoo for kids choir and adult choir..

    Boo for working 3 jobs...


  3. Praying for everyone that might get "hit" from dumb gustav. You are tucked in my heart!

  4. I forgot about Grant's parents living in New Orleans. Praying for their safety!