Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun on Fake Friday

Happy Fake Friday, everyone!

Tomorrow is Good Friday and I have the day off of work. Hallelujah and Amen.

I have been filled with the Spirit this week as we have been rehearsing for Easter Sunday at church. If you don't have a church to attend this Easter and you live in Houston, come on over and visit us! It is going to be a glorious Sunday and the music makes me cry... I can hardly get through it!

All that being said, we are going to have some Fun today with Fake Friday, and by Fun I mean that I am going to do a post focused on the letter F. Just like Sesame Street.

F is for freezing because that is how my office feels right now.

F is for food because I've been on a food challenge this week. I went to the grocery store on Sunday night and stocked up on all kinds of things. Then, for the entirety of this week, it has been my goal to not purchase any food whatsoever. No breakfast, no lunch, no dinner. No drive-thru's. No contributing to "Cupcake Day" at work. NOTHING. I've saved lots of money and cleaned out my fridge/pantry all at the same time!

F is for France cause I've never been and I want to go. But tomorrow my girlfriends and I are having brunch at a french restaurant so that is almost the same thing.

F is for Flying because I'm flying to Atlanta later this month! YAHOO!

F is for Florida because that is the only state that starts with the letter F.

F is for Did you know that no states start with the letter B?

F is for Friends cause I've made some new ones lately and it's alot of fun! (Hey, Cindy!)

F is for Fried because that is the way all food should be.

F is for Family because Grant and I are blessed with some amazing people that just so happen to be related to us. Thank You, Lord.

F is for First Baptist Church of Houston which rocks my world.

F is for Five, as in the High Five Kids Choir which I direct every Wednesday night.

F is for Feeling guilty as I have to pick soloists for our musical. I had over 20 kids audition and only 5 solos to give out. I feel terrible cause I know some of them will be crushed. I gave a big talk last night about how there aren't enough parts for everyone and how some people won't get a part but that doesn't mean that they did badly! I even talked about how even I had several auditions that I did a good job at but I didn't get the part and I was sad... ugh I just can't stand to think that I will make some of them cry. :(

F is for flabbergasted because that is one of my favorite words.

F is for April Fools day (Fools has an F in it!) because we just spent the better part of half an hour turning all of the paintings on my boss' wall upside down. I'm exhausted.

F is for Finally, as in this is the last one and I am out of creative juices at this point.


  1. Fun post. How can you have brunch tomorrow if you can't buy food this week? You fibbed.

  2. cheryl- that's exactly what i was thinking! and you used an "f" for "fibbed" awesome!