Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Slept in.


Got ready for the day.

Had brunch with girlfriends. (For those of you who commented on my last post, I used a pre-paid gift card for brunch so it didn't count!!)

Ran an errand for my precious husband.

Came home and immediately turned on Amy Grant's Greatest Hits.

Got a trash bag and went through the house throwing away anything that seemed worthy of a trash bag.

Filled up 2 trash bags.

Put last night's dishes in the dishwasher.

Cleaned the ever-loving countertops.

Sucked it up and picked up all of Grant's clothes off the closet floor. If it was ever going to get done, it was going to get done today.

Threw 98% of previously mentioned clothes into dirty laundry basket based on smell alone.

Put away clean clothes.

Started wash load #1.

Took my Moxie dog on a much needed long power-walk.

Checked the mail.

Had a chat with the neighbors.

Moved wash to dryer and started wash load #2.

Put away dishes.

Cleaned the countertops again as I was not completely satisfied with my earlier attempt.

Did my Bible Study and read today's Daily Reading given by our church for Holy Week.

Took care of the absurdity that is my bathroom counter. Not all products need to be on the counter. Some can be in drawers. Mercy.

Folded and put away loads #1 and #2 and threw load #3 in the wash. (The clothing situation in our household is out of control. TOO. MANY. CLOTHES.)

Read another 3 chapters of So Long Insecurity. You never know how much you need that book until you read it. Seriously.

I just needed a day like today. A day to get some stuff accomplished! I didn't feel rushed at all through any of it, and, this is huge for me, I HAVEN'T TURNED THE TV ON ONCE TODAY. Yep, I have a whole day off of work and I haven't spent three-quarters of it watching Lifetime.

And now I have the satisfaction of having a clean house and being able to enjoy my weekend without having chores hanging over my head! Grant does like to help out around the house... he texted me and told me to leave a chore for him to do... I've chosen to leave him the floors! I don't like mopping. Or sweeping. Or vacuuming. Have at it, babe.

I am so thankful that the Lord gave me this day, and not just because it was a day off of work to get things acccomplished. I was reading in John this afternoon and really focusing on what happened on this Good Friday. I've really been trying to grasp how the entire universe so dramatically changed on that day. I don't think I'll ever truly comprehend the weight of that sacrifical act, that passionate choice that my Jesus made.

I can never repay the debt that He paid on my behalf.... I can only respond. I can respond by saying that I choose to follow Him, choose to believe in Him, choose to serve Him, choose to trust Him, choose to love Him. I choose to seek Him. I choose to return to Him when I've been distracted or distant. I choose to learn from Him when I do something ridiculous. I choose to humble myself before Him when I think I've got it all figured out. I choose to praise Him. I choose to worship Him.

And even on days when my only task is to take care of my home and do laundry, I choose to work as though I'm working for the Lord.

Having that as my mindset and "Lead Me On" by Amy Grant blasting on the iPod... well that makes for a pretty Good Friday.


  1. sounds (reads?) like a wonderful day!

    i'm not a fan of floors either--remind me to tell you my starbucks/kitchen floor story....


  2. we also cleaned like crazy people on friday!

  3. Goodness me, you were busy! When I sleep in (which is close to never now we have two children) I do not get anywhere near that amount done!

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter weekend!