Monday, April 5, 2010


At work today, I was laying on the floor of my co-workers office and said "So... I don't think I'm going to be able to work today".

She replied "Well, my mouse is not working right now, I think the battery died".

I responded, "Well then I don't think you're going to be able to work today either".

It was just one of those days.

Sometimes people at work have a dramatic emergency and I just want to tell them to calm down.

Then, it took me an hour to get home, but I was bound and determined to go the gym. I'm not sure why. It's like I have multiple personalities.

And then I did go to the gym. It is smelly.

The seat on the bike was oh-so-uncomfortable so after I hit 5 miles (and finished my People magazine) I left.

Now I am at home, waiting for the potatoes to boil a bit longer so I can mash them.

If Pioneer Woman would like to just give me a Kitchen-aid Mixer (I've tried to win one about 9,000 times now from her blog) that would be great. My little hand mixer gets potatoes all over me.

I am very very sleepy as our Moxie dog was up pacing the house all night due to his ear infection. Pacing, claws ticking on the wood floors. Panting, wimpering. It was quite sad for about an hour and then it got irritating. Grant put this special ointment in Moxie's ears and that calmed him down. Got me thinking that one of the reasons we haven't had a baby yet is because we love sleep so much.

Speaking of babies, I was around them ALOT this weekend. On Friday morning I had brunch with girlfriends and got to admire baby Lily and baby Hudson. Then, on Saturday, I had lunch with Laura and precious Matteo who I swear is like a cartoon character with all of his cuteness. Then, on Easter Sunday, my friend Liz, her baby Lily and I went over to my mom's for Easter (Grant and Jim were at the golf tournament) and my sister Jaclyn was there with Grace and Dean. Dean just started walking. Grace was in rare form as she was cracked out on candy and making me laugh so hard. Then, Dean and I went outside and swung on the porch swing for 10 minutes. Every once in awhile, he would look up at me and smile and pull on my mommy-strings.

Later while watching America's Funniest Home Videos I cried two times because there were heart-warming moments. And I thought that maybe I want a baby.

But after Moxie's 2 hours of whining I have decided that surely surely I do not want a baby.

Not anytime soon.

For dinner tonight is BBQ ribs, mashed red potatoes and salad.

Our small group is at our house tomorrow night so I have to make sure everything is clean so all of our friends will be under the impression that our house is always spotless.

And those are all of my thoughts today.


  1. How funny because I have also tried to win a Kitchen Aid Mixer from Pioneer Woman every single time. of course I get so mad bc the numbers she picks are like 1300 or so and I am always comment number 25000 lol. Hope Moxie gets to feeling better.

  2. Of course your house is always spotless. Who's isn't?

    You. Are. Hilarious.

    And I love you.

  3. I love reading your thoughts for today! You always make the end to my day so spectacular! :)

    Oh, and babies with ear infections are....well, I just won't go there!!!!! :)